TOP NFTs For April 2023

An Accidental Millionaire. Al Ghozali, a 22-year-old student, made $1 million by selling NFTs in the 2022 bear market. Anything is possible in a bear market, only if your research is right.

That’s why I want to show you 2 Solana collections and 1 Ethereum project that can do really well. To clarify, just like other Solana related NFT videos, I used Magic Eden to buy the NFTs. For research and data, I use Moonly. So, time to buckle up, here we go.


The first collection of NFTs I’m showing you are the Dandies. Now, that’s a very English word, and it’s a collection of bears. But not just any old bear, like the Okay Bears, with all due respect, but Dandy Bears! The Okay Bears floor is 49 SOL, the Dandies come in at 4.6 SOL. Both are a 10k collection. 

So, keep an eye out for these Dandies. They have it in them to get up there with the Okay Bears. The Dandies originate from the Mitsu Bears, a rugged project. Gentlemonke one of the co-owners of X-Labs, decided to de-rug the project. 

He’s a well-known and respected person in the Solana NFTs space. As it happens to be, X-Labs is also involved with Mob Studios. It’s a small world! Back to the Mitsu Bears, though. If you were a Mitsu Bear holder, you could burn your Mitsu Bear and receive a Dandy instead. 

You were lucky if you got your Mitsus at 1 SOL, but the average price was around 4 SOL. The Dandies ATH was at 12.34 SOL, just 2 months ago. I think that they can easily go back there, and more. Why? I tell you. Because this project has loads of new tools and utilities! It’s compared to the Swiss army-knife of Solana. For example:

  • Dandy snap, the fastest snapshot tool on Solana.
  • A Banner maker, to show your Dandies in your Discord or Twitter banner
  • Badger, a great tool that shows all the details of your NFT.
  • Token tool, it creates and updates SPL tokens, a smart airdrop is coming soon for this!
  • And the latest is an NFT Suite. This already offers some alpha features, with more beta on its way.

Dandies Utility
  • You can stake your Dandy and earn BONK. A meme token that surprised the Solana ecosystem around Christmas. Dandies use BONK as their project token.
  • A Raffle site, where you can find various interesting PFPs which they raffle.
  • The Biblio, coming soon, I don’t know much else about it right now, and more. 

Keep an eye out on the Dandies, they might be going places. This brings us to the second collection, Ukiyo.


Ukiyo minted in September 2022 for 1.5 SOL. Now the floor price is 1.69 SOL, so they held out well and didn’t fade. Their ATH price was at 6.3 SOL, earlier in January. What else I like about them is that they are a small collection of only 6.5k. Furthermore, the number of total listed PFPs is low. These are all good signs.

Another thing that really stands out is their art. As a result, they have now become a full scale B2B studio. Very much like X-Labs and all it’s off shoots, like Dandies and Mob Studios. As I just mentioned. Ukiyo is also a software service company. In December 2022, they acquired Matukilabs. That made them a full-scale NFT incubator.

But here’s more, they cover quite a few areas. For example:

And they have plenty more in the pipeline. So, they keep building, and involving their users. They also combine Asian with Western influences. They are an Asian outfit, but with links to the USA. 

What I like about this project is that in a short time frame, only 6 months, they achieved a lot. They delivered their roadmap. Furthermore, from a price perspective, it’s also interesting, at their current floor price.

However, a downside is their volume. It’s not high. If you look at the Dandies, they have a much higher volume. Ukiyo has around 30 SOL daily trading volume, and Dandies around 380 SOL. So, these are not fast flippers, but for the long haul. And this leads me to my surprise third choice, the Dedicated Team/Moodbase.


This is an interesting project. First of all, they haven’t minted yet. Their mint date is tbc. You can get in for $125 or $150. But their total supply is small, only 2,000. Here is its discord server. And what do you get for that? Well, of course, NFTs. But one that expires after 1 year. Yeah, you heard that right. This is your ticked into a Discord server, as mentioned a moment ago. Now it’s still open, but soon it will be gated.

And that’s it, no website, no nothing else. Only this DC server and their Twitter account. Nonetheless, is it ever worth it! Oh yeah, absolutely. We all know DYOR, right? Do your own research. Well, that is precisely what this server is all about. It gives you the tools to do your DYOR. This is THE DYOR tool for traders. To clarify, it also includes Solana NFTs. So, let’s have a look, I start at this channel, start-here:

  • Find any project you’re interested in. 
  • Go to the search function in a channel and “quote” your search term. 
  • A key word, a wallet address, or such. 
  • It will pull up all kinds of information. 
  • Now you can check if this project suits you.
Special features

I’m going to show you a few of the features here, for example:

  • Bot commands: Run special bot commands for more research.
  • Wallet track: Track over 500 wallets of notable traders.
  • Mint whales: Check what these 500+ wallets are minting.
  • Mint top 15 minutes: Mints with large volumes.
  • Fake mint: Spot fake mints, and more. You get the idea, right?

They scrape data from everywhere. Everything they do, they customize.  As a result, you get a completely holistic view. Currently, the channel is still free, but not for much longer. So, the person behind this is a cybersecurity engineer for the US government. He’s not doxed. So, that means that he’s anonymous. To protect his government job. He started this for his own use, but now wants to monetize it.

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