tubby cats

Tubby Cats is a simple collection, but the value is endless.

Tubby Cats by Tubby Collective are a CCO PFP NFT project. That’s a lot of acronyms back to back. But, it’s a simple to understand collection that gives an incredible amount of power to holders. Tubby Collective is a group of NFT artists that designed the Tubby Cats collection. The collective is made up of long-term and respected NFT community members like:


and more. The project focuses on one thing and one thing only: Community. We talked about this concept in this article, and how it has sort of turned into a crutch for those looking to make a quick buck in the space. But, projects that utilize this concept well can turn their project into something much bigger than the artists themselves.

Tubby Cats are among the top CCO projects that have done just that.

CCO in NFTs: What does it mean?

This is another buzzword thrown around the NFT space. In short, CCO means that the entirety of a project’s contents is public domain. Anyone can create anything, with the project’s characters or assets, without fear of copyright infringement. Derivative projects, community branches, and just about anything else you can think of are fair game.

In the NFT space, this is shockingly rare. Even though you own the NFT, you don’t actually own all that’s encompassed within it for most NFT projects. Even Bored Ape Yacht Club isn’t fully CCO. Only those that own the NFT, and receive expressed permission from Yuga Labs, can use their Ape as they see fit. Currently, the list of CCO projects is led by:

It’s fairly difficult to find artists and teams willing to hand their IP to the world to do whatever they want. But, those that do and do it well, cultivate the strongest communities in the space.

What Do You Get With Tubby Cats and CCO Projects?

There’s one common aspect of CCO projects:

No roadmap.

There are no value-adding deliverables planned by the devs. There’s no metaverse or P2E add-on planned, nor is there any chance of the devs releasing a token tied to the project.

The purpose of these projects is to distribute the IP to the community and allow them to build from there. Typically, a percentage of volume from mint, as well as secondary sales, goes to the community treasury. From there, collection holders can vote on community grant applications and the use of funds from the treasury. Holders are the only ones that can apply for these grants, and any holder can apply.

The community builds the roadmap and has full control along the way. So, what’s offered varies significantly by the project itself. No matter what, you receive a profile picture you have full ownership and rights over. From there, the value comes from the community and what they can build with the assets given to them. It’s true Web3 decentralization that’s represented by NFTs.

Projects are adopting this license and approach seemingly at an increasing rate. While the space as a whole still struggles with true decentralization and discrepancies around who owns what, CCO projects have figured it out. Tubby Cats are an affordable entry into this area of the market at a floor price of 0.27ETH. Join their Discord to learn more about the project!

NOTERemember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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