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Icy Tools is an NFT aggregator. This article is the second part of our review of the platform.

Part 1 of our Icy Tools review focused on features. Now, let’s dive in and look at some more questions about the platform. But first, have a look at this video, recommended by the team themselves.

Icy Tools for Solana

Currently, Icy Tools doesn’t service the Solana blockchain. Presently, they only cover the Ethereum blockchain and ERC-721 NFTs. However, there’s also good news. On their roadmap, they have plans for a multi-chain integration.

In other words, the platform is looking to integrate Solana and a few other chains. These other chains include Cardano, Tezos, Avalanche, Polygon, and more. See the picture below of their roadmap.

Icy Tools

Source: Icy Tools roadmap

Icy Tools vs Nansen

Nansen is another platform that offers insights to NFTs. They have a good set-up with some really cool features. For example, they rank wallets by the total profit they made. This way, you can find opportunities before anyone else does.

A few more pros for Nansen are, for example:

  • Their wallet rankings include many details. For instance, minting and secondary market fees. They also add all ERC-20 tokens data.
  • You can view specific projects and their leaderboards. This allows you to know who the majority holders are.
  • You can also watch, track, and follow the top NFT movers and shakers. With that knowledge, you can build a strong portfolio.

However, they also have some cons. So, here we go. They are expensive if you go for their paid version. Prices range from $150 to $3000, with three different plans.

So, all in all, Nansen has a slight upper hand over Icy Tools. They have more options to offer. However, Icy Tools has a cheaper paid option. Nansen aims at the NFT pros, whilst Icy Tools is great for beginners. Below is a picture of one of Nansen’s leaderboards.

Icy Tools

Source: Nansen

Icy Tools vs NFT Nerds

NFT Nerds is another platform that a serious NFT trader should look into. It’s built by mathematicians and coders. They aimed to create the best platform in the world for NFTs. Their charts are always live; there’s no need for you to refresh all the time.

However, they don’t cover all the projects. Icy Tools has an advantage here. On the other hand, if you join NFT Nerds’ Discord, you can request to add projects. Here you can also learn how to use the tool to the max. It’s faster compared to OpenSea. This gives you the opportunity to snipe good deals that are under the floor price. In other words, they show you the real floor.

Another advantage is that you can buy directly through NFT Nerds. The tool also comes with a ranking list. They also track trending projects. There’s also a paid version. For this, you need to buy a pass. You can find these passes on OpenSea.

It’s a tool that hasn’t stopped developing yet. NFT Nerds is a serious contender to Icy Tools. They offer professional tracking options.


Overall, Icy Tools is a great option for NFT enthusiasts. Part 1 in our review of the platform focused on core features. In this article, we compared this tool with two competitors, Nansen and NFT Nerds.

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