Where to Buy Cheap NFTs

As NFTs are still relatively new, many people struggle to find out how to buy non-fungible tokens from the location that they are in. In our previous article, we outlined how to buy NFTs in simple steps.

This article expands on that, giving our readers pointers on buying cheap NFTs and some of the marketplaces available to them.

Where to Buy Cheap NFTs?

When it comes to buying cheap non-fungible tokens, there are a few factors that one must consider before making a purchase. There is a process one could follow when searching for cheap NFTs. Applying this process across any blockchain could put you ahead of other NFT hunters.

Minting an NFT from a newly released collection is usually the best and a cheap way to buy non-fungible tokens. This is typically the base, or lowest price, one can buy an NFT within a collection. You can use mint calendars such as nftcalendar.io to check for NFT collections that are soon to be released. Snagging yourself a whitelist spot is an even better way to buy cheap non-fungible tokens.This is because newly released projects typically have different price points where people buy in at. If you manage to get on a whitelist, this is usually the best way and cheapest way to buy a cheap NFT.

Another way to buy cheap NFTs is by looking for upcoming blockchains and seeing if they have an NFT offering. Aptos is such an example. This is a Layer 1 blockchain that is soon to have an NFT offering too. Another example is the Oasis Network and their $Rose token. An NFT marketplace does exist and, whilst the coin is priced low, the NFTs could provide some long-term value.

Where to Buy NEAR NFTs?

The NEAR blockchain is rising in popularity. The blockchain does have NFT offerings, and you may buy NEAR non-fungible tokens in several ways.

You can buy NEAR NFTs from the Paras NFT marketplace. This is one of the most popular NEAR NFT marketplaces at the moment. Naksh.org is another marketplace where you can buy NEAR NFTs. This marketplace is unique as it displays non-fungible tokens made by some of India’s top artisans and artists. An additional place to buy NEAR NFTs is the Mintbase.io marketplace. NFT creators can build their NFT projects here using the platform’s smart contract tools. Another place to buy is Unique.One. This a platform that positions itself as a marketplace by artists for artists.

The rapid growth of the NEAR protocol is evident with the introduction of more NFT marketplaces to come. You can buy NEAR NFTs on Appollo42 and a marketplace called Few and Far. These are newly launched, whilst the SeatlabNFT platform is readying itself for launch.

Source: Near Protocol
Where to Buy NFTs Without Gas Fees?

As NFTs live on the block, a certain amount of tokens are spent to pay for processing the transaction. To reduce the cost and pay minimum gas fees, buyers could time when they make a purchase. One way to lower NFT gas costs is to start later or earlier in the day when there might be less traffic.

If sticking with Ethereum, buyers could use the Polygon chain. This has next-to-zero gas fees. But you can only buy NFTs that are listed on the Polygon chain. This is the closest way you can buy non-fungible tokens without gas fees. The costs are a minimum. In most cases, the costs are just a few cents. This is the cheapest way to buy Ethereum NFTs. OpenSea supports the Polygon Layer 2 blockchains. Buying non-fungible tokens using this approach virtually guarantees that you can buy NFTs without gas fees.

OpenSea NFTs
Time your purchases on OpenSea
source: OpenSea
Where to Buy NFTs Without Gas Fees? – Use Cheaper Blockchains

Another way to lower gas fees or buy non-fungible tokens without gas fees is to use networks that have very low transaction costs. Tezos offers much lower gas fees for buyers than Ethereum. Although you cannot buy NFTs without gas fees on Tezos, transactions are usually around $0.20. The Tezos NFT ecosystem is growing. This is important as you want a good number of users to transact when buying or selling NFTs.

WAX is another blockchain where you can buy non-fungible tokens without gas fees. Actually, the gas fees are minimal, usually around $0.03. This is probably as close as one can get in purchasing NFTs without paying gas. The Solana ecosystem now includes NFTs as a key component of its blockchain. This is probably the best platform to buy an NFT without paying gas fees. Nominal fees do exist, and these are usually around $0.00025 per purchase.

Another blockchain to consider for non-fungible tokens is FLOW. Their NFT ecosystem is also growing. Although you cannot buy an NFT without gas fees, transactions typically cost around $0.005.

Objkt marketplace on Tezos
Source: Objkt.com
Where to Buy NFTs in Canada?

There are several marketplaces where you can buy NFTs if you’re in Canada. Binance NFT Marketplace is a good option, and gas fees are minimal. The most well-known NFT marketplace is OpenSea. This is also accessible if you want to buy non-fungible tokens in Canada. However, it can also be the most expensive. NBA Top Shot on the Flow blockchain is also available. Crypto.com also has non-fungible tokens that are purchasable if you want to buy NFTs in Canada.

Where to Buy NFTs in South Africa?

If you are in South Africa, there are a number of marketplaces you can buy non-fungible tokens from. If you want to purchase NFTs on the Ethereum network, OpenSea is accessible if you want to buy NFTs in South Africa. OpenSea is the most active marketplace for NFTs. It is also the largest and a leader in NFT sales. Other Ethereum NFT marketplaces are SuperRare and Nifty Gateway.

If you want to buy NFTs in South Africa but didn’t want to consider Ethereum-based NFTs, you could opt for a marketplace on the Solana or Tezos blockchains. Magic Eden and DigitalEyes are such marketplaces on Solana. Objkt is considered to be the largest NFT marketplace on Tezos. FXHash is a close second and is an open platform for producing and gathering generative NFTs.

If you want to buy NFTs in South Africa, there are good options, and the majority of the marketplaces are accessible.

Where to Buy NFTs in Australia?

Many of the previously mentioned platforms and marketplaces are available for buyers in Australia. By far, the leader is OpenSea, which is accessible for those living in Australia. Coinspot is a worthy consideration as you can buy NFTs with any of the cryptocurrencies available on the exchange. The platform enables you to purchase and sell NFTs listed on OpenSea whilst avoiding the usually high gas fees.

Kalao on the Aavax blockchain is also accessible if you want to buy NFTs in Australia. Other popular marketplaces are Magic Eden (on the Solana blockchain) and Foundation.app, which is known for high-end art.


The NFT space is still comparatively young, The leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea, was launched in December 2017. With the Ethereum blockchain being one of the oldest, it is only natural that the first NFT marketplace was built there. Since then, the growth of NFTs has continued, and many other blockchains are offering NFT marketplaces for creators and buyers.

As blockchains mature, it is only natural for NFT marketplaces to continue to expand their reach. Credit card purchases will become easier and applicable to more marketplaces. Whilst the purchase of NFTs are restricted in some regions, this will change soon as the regulation is either defined or loosened. Buyers who are currently restricted will have the opportunity to purchase NFTs no matter where they are located across the globe.

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