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Digital Currencies

Many Countries Embraced National Digital Currencies in 2019

2019 was an exciting year for cryptocurrencies around the globe. Especially, in the area of state-owned currencies. Various central banks across the globe indicated their...
EU, stablecoins

No, Non and Nein: EU Won’t Accept Stablecoins

European Union (EU) finance ministers have reiterated the union's stance on stablecoins. The latter need to tackle the risks they pose to monetary sovereignty. According...
Digital Currency in Tunisia

Digital Currency in Tunisia: It’s a No

The Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) has spoken out concerning claims the nation has launched its CBDC. The BCT released a statement. In it, it...
Crypto in Thailand: Authorities to Review Regulations in 2020

Crypto in Thailand: Authorities to Review Regulations in 2020

Thai lawmakers have decided to review the nation's stance on cryptocurrency. The decision was made following several complaints indicating that Thailand's regulation is lagging behind...
Stablecoins and federal reserve

Stablecoins Receive Appraisal from the US Federal Reserve

United States Federal Reserve has disclosed that stablecoins could serve as a new medium of exchange with global coverage. Stablecoins are in the loop....
Binance allows Turks to buy BTC

After Huobi, Binance Braces Exchange of Turkish Lira for Bitcoin

With one of the major cryptocurrency exchange Binance adding support to Lira, the bells on Turkish hems are ringing. Turks can now buy Bitcoin,...
Bitcoin is a success

Bitcoin Makes the Headlines in the Chinese State Media

First the blockchain embracement and now the Bitcoin praise. Something very favorable seems to be brewing in China for all things crypto. According to the...
E-dinar in Tunisia

Tunisia Launches E-dinar

North African country, Tunisia has announced the release of E-dinar, becoming the first country in the world to launch a Central Bank Digital Currency...
Cryptocurrency and Bank of Canada

Bank of Canada Might Create its Own Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and crypto has faced a lot of regulatory scrutiny and criticism from several countries and top individuals. However, many are still considering to launch...
China is Even "Closer" to Launching its Own Cryptocurrency

China is Even “Closer” to Launching its Own Cryptocurrency

While Libra is fighting obstacles, China is on track to launch its own cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrency and China: closer and even closer. In August, the country...