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PrimeLab NEAR

Build a NEAR-Powered dApp in Minutes with Prime Lab

Nowadays, it usually takes 3-4 months, on average, to make an app. Now, making a decentralized app can take the same time or some...
Indian 1% TDS Tax Law

The Pros and Cons of the Indian 1% TDS Tax Law

The most focus on India's new tax laws was on the 30% capital gains tax. However, it's the 1% TDS law that gives the...
HODLpac Crypto-Friendly US Congress Candidates

How HODLpac Support Crypto-Friendly US Congress Candidates?

Since its inception, the blockchain space has faced a lot of criticism from regulators including the U.S. That's why the HODLpac Endorsement Committee is...
BNB Chain news march week 4

BNB Chain Updates | Venus Integrates Coinbase Wallet | Mar Week 4

Every week, there are new updates from the BNB Chain ecosystem. To keep readers informed, Altcoin Buzz selects some of the important updates from the fourth...
THORChain RUNE review

Discover THORChain (RUNE) , The Next Hidden Altcoin Gem

Cross-chain or interoperability. This seems to be the keyword for blockchains in 2022. Keeping all transactions exclusive on your very own blockchain is just...
Fantom: Is the Bottom in for Fantom?

Fantom: Is the Bottom in for Fantom?

Fantom's FTM price has been unstable in recent days. FTM's decline has been consistent since it reached a high of $3.37 earlier this year....
GoodDollar universal basic income

GoodDollar, a Decentralized Platform to Distribute Global Basic Income (UBI)

According to DeepDAO, the accumulated treasure of the DAO sector has grown more than $1.1 billion in the last 7 days. In the same...
Top Crypto news

Upcoming Crypto Events | Binance Blockchain Week | April Week 1

This article covers some of the top upcoming crypto events expected to take place in this new week. These upcoming crypto events will include mainnet...
OSMO Price Prediction

OSMO Price Prediction

Osmosis (OSMO) is the first IBC-native Cosmos interchain automated market maker (AMM) that allows for cross-chain trading on the Cosmos chain. Osmosis is an automated...
Meet Mooning Monkey: A New Crash Game With P2E Options

Mooning Monkey: Exciting Updates on Their Roadmap

Mooning Monkey recently minted 12,000 NFTs for their revised crash game. This is just one of many steps in rolling out the full game...