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Tron wants to improve its POS mechanism

All Good in the Hood: Tron Is Happy About Its Partnership with Tether

TRON and its founder Justin Sun are content about the partnership with Tether. In a new post, Sun said that the collaboration rewarded a...
Top 5 EOS Wallets Review

The 5 Most Reliable EOS Wallets

There are various EOS Wallets that come with multiple benefits. If you are confused about which you should pick, I am going to make...

5 Ways to Acquire or Trade Enjin NFTs

Enjin NFTs or ERC1155 tokens have been the talk of the town and you might be wondering how you can your hands on some...
Crypto.com is expanding at a lightning speed

Crypto.com AMA Summary – Massive and Inevitable

Crypto.com made a big announcement yesterday that they will be launching in the United States on July 14, 2019. They followed up today with a one...
Altcoin Buzz interview with CHAOEX

Altcoin Buzz interview with CHAOEX

CHAOEX is a digital currency trading platform founded by Unique Network Technology Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong). Recently CHAOEX has opened a legal entity in...
Ethereum Constantinople hard fork News - Read all about it on Altcoin Buzz

The Ethereum Constantinople Fork will be Supported by Binance, OKEx, and Houbi

The Ethereum Constantinople hard fork will occur near the block height of 7,080,000. Three major exchanges have announced they will support the hard fork for...

Millions of New Users Entered the Cryptosystem, New Report Shows

A new report entitled 2nd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance has presented a comprehensive overview of the current crypto market and its...

Stellar is airdropping $125 million to Blockchain Wallet users

Incoming! Great news today, as Stellar revealed the news that a BIG airdrop is coming towards Blockchain Wallet holders. The total value of the airdrop: $125...

Coinbase Is Taking Over The World!

Coinbase announces Ethereum Classic (ETC) trading will begin August 16th at 5pm PT. Coinbase also announces Coinbase Wallet which helps to bring adoption of...