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Ankr Network Rolls Out Token Staking

Ankr Network Rolls Out Token Staking

Ankr Network is a leading Web3 infrastructure provider. The platform has announced a unique implementation of staking for a variety of node providers on...
Optimism Price

Will Optimism Token Continue to Rise?

One of the numerous blockchain ideas attempting to address the scaling issues with Ethereum is the Optimism Rollup network. Optimism gets a little bit...
DEX Tokens Price

Will The Relief Rally Extend To These DEX Tokens?

It is slowly becoming clear that cryptocurrency traders would be better to use DEXs and keep their money in non-custodial wallets. The market is...
PancakeSwap Token Burn Event

PancakeSwap Token Burn Event

Decentralized exchange platform PancakeSwap recently completed yet another token burn event. According to a tweet by PancakeSwap, 6,898,491 $CAKE, which is worth about $23 million,...
Vintage Tokens

What’s Next For These Vintage Tokens? EOS, MKR and ZEC

The old, major projects were impacted by the cryptocurrency collapse, and it might be challenging to identify viable tokens during a bear market. Few...
Older Tokens

Can These Tokens Rise After A Major Drop? NEO, ETC, BCH

Leading smart contract platform Neo has a $930 million market cap. Recently, it was included in Binance Neo's staking solution. Also the price of...
azy token listing

AZY Token is Listing in OKX & ByBit

In our previous article, we cover everything you need to know about AMAZY. The team, its concept, tokenomics, the gameplay, and roadmap. However, there...
DEX Tokens

Price Levels To Watch For These Dex Tokens: UNI, QUICK And SUSHI

DEXs with cross-chain solutions will be crucial to adoption since DeFi is expected to continue growing after market conditions settle. Following regulatory crackdowns and...
NFT Tokens Price Prediction

Are These Tokens Due For A Pump?FLOW, IMX, SAND

The NFT marketplaces were extremely active. The market leader is still OpenSea. Genie, an NFT aggregator platform, was taken inside by Uniswap. Gamestop, recently...
NFT Tokens Price

Price Levels To Keep An Eye On For These NFT Tokens: APE, EFI, MANA

Compared to a peak of $12.6 billion in January, sales of non-fungible tokens totaled little over $1 billion in June. With 93 customers overall,...