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Top Coins From Our Team - Part 3

Top Coins From Our Team – Part 3

From Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin and Tether, the crypto landscape encompasses many options. As the market dynamics continue to shape up in 2023,...

3 Scalability Tokens to Buy on BYDFi

Scaling solutions have become popular over the last few years as they resolve Ethereum’s high fees and slow transaction speed. As the crypto market...
Top 3 High Potential Privacy Coins

Top 3 High Potential Privacy Coins

For many people, anonymity in the crypto industry is no longer enough. As a result, projects have been created over the years that attempt...
solana blockchain

4 Questions Everyone Must Know How to Answer About Solana

Solana is a Layer 1 blockchain. It is one of the most popular blockchains around. Nowadays, according to CoinGecko, SOL is in the 9th...
firo voting reward block

Four Effects of the Firo Block Reward Update

The private currency, Firo (FIRO), is changing its block rewards. Firo does this with a poll. This digital asset was formerly known as Zcoin...
10 Reasons To Buy TomoChain In 2021

TomoChain Announces Partnership With AEX

TomoChain is a scalable blockchain-based on Proof-of-Stake voting consensus. Over the past few months, TomoChain's adoption has soared and is being used for commercial...
MetaGods Update on Land Selling Fast and New Partnerships

MetaGods Update on Land Selling Fast and New Partnerships

MetaGods, the up-and-coming 8-bit action MMORPG game, is in the spotlight. Their current LAND sales are going through the roof. No less than 85%...
Polkadex review

Meet Polkadex, Combining the Benefits of a CEX and DEX. 

Today we introduce you to Polkadex. They want to offer an ideal trading experience. It combines the best of both worlds from a CEX...

Latest News From Firo

Firo (FIRO), originally known as Zcoin, is a cryptocurrency that aims to be a private digital currency. It developed the Lelantus privacy technology, which...
TomoChain Introduces a Superior Swap Protocol – LuaSwap

TomoChain Ends the Year on a High

As the new year begins, several blockchain projects will review their progress in 2021. They will also point out several loopholes to fix in...