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Coinbase Oracle

Coinbase Oracle Introduced to Enhance DeFi

In a bid to broaden its focus on decentralized finance (DeFi), Coinbase has introduced a price Oracle called Coinbase Oracle. It will enable users...
kava employs chainlink

Kava Employs Chainlink Oracle Solution

Kava has announced entering into a strategic alliance with the decentralized Oracle solution provider, Chainlink, to bolster its DeFi platform. Chainlink is going to serve...
Ontology secures oracles

Ontology and Chainlink Partnership: Secure Off-Chain Oracle

According to the recent announcement, Ontology took a big leap in off-chain data-security. It now plans to secure its gateway to the external world...

Oracle and The World Bee Project expands blockchain partnership to track honey sustainability

Since October 2018, Oracle has been working with The World Bee Project on trials of it’s ‘smart hive’ technology to collect billions of data points...

Following Google Cloud Announcement, ThunderCore Announces Partnership with Chainlink for Oracle Services

On June 13, Google Cloud in partnership with Ethereum and Oracle service provider, Chainlink, announced it was looking to create hybrid blockchain and cloud...
what is thorchain

What Is THORChain? Part 2

THORChain is a cross-chain blockchain that offers swapping with native tokens. We answer 4 popular questions about THORChain. This is Part 2 of our...
quant network

Quant Network $QNT Will Make Crypto Bear Market Millionaires

Bear market price rallies are not uncommon at 10, 20, 30% But a 450% price rally is no joke! When I first noticed Quant,...
what is sui network

An Intro to Sui Network, Part 1

The crypto space followed the recent Aptos launch closely. But what if I tell you that a new blockchain is coming up soonish? We...

What is Stellar XLM? Part 1

Stellar XLM, better known as Stellar Lumens, is one of the oldest projects in crypto. They are just quietly doing their thing in the...
2 coins set to explode


Is anybody making money out there? Bear markets aren’t anything new to us in the crypto market. But this current bear market seems to...