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Venus & Deri Protocols

Venus & Deri Protocols Collaborate For DeFi Advancement

According to recent reports, Venus Protocol and Deri Protocol will be working together to pioneer DeFi transforming initiatives. With this collaboration, Venus Protocol liquidity pools...
Meet The Top Performing Layer 2 Solutions

ConsenSys: Meet The Top Performing Layer 2 Solutions

ConsenSys, a blockchain firm that offers developer tools alongside enterprise solutions, has announced the top-performing layer two solutions in its recently third-quarter web report. Layer...
Wilder world metaverse

Why is this Project Considered the Biggest Metaverse of All?

Tech giants Facebook, Microsoft, Disney, Epic Games, and Roblox, have dived into the metaverse space. Therefore, after these announcements, many metaverse tokens exploded in...
Top Crypto News

Top Crypto News:12/22 – Ethereum Kintsugi Testnet Launch

Bitcoin today seems to be heading towards the $50,000 price mark. The ‘King Crypto’ is currently up by 1.3% and trading at $49,214. Meanwhile,...

The ConsenSys Q3 2021 Report on DeFi Governance

The shift of governance from a small group of founding partners to the stakeholders of a particular project. That is what DeFi governance is. The...
Consensys and Mastercard

ConsenSys Partners With Mastercard

ConsenSys is an Ethereum blockchain software company. And they are partnering with Mastercard to launch the new tool called "ConsenSys Rollups". ConsenSys Rollups is a...
Avalanche EVM-Compatible launch

Build EVM-Compatible Blockchains on Avalanche!

Yesterday, Avalabs announced its Subnet-EVM. It is a VM (virtual machine) that makes it easy for anyone to create their own EVM-compatible blockchain on...
VeVe partners with Immutable X to bring their NFTs to ETH network.

VeVe to Integrate With Immutable X

VeVe, the Marketplace That Showcases Premium Licensed NFTs, Has Partnered With Immutable X. First, this partnership brings zero gas fees, full ownership and carbon-neutral assets...
10 blockchain use cases

Top 10 Use Cases Of Blockchain Technology (Part 1)

Blockchain has come a long way since its inception, which had a humble beginning as a distributed Ledger with Bitcoin's PoW protocol. However, since...
AAG Ventures AMA Altcoinbuzz

AAG Ventures AMA with CEO Jack Vinijtrongjit

AAG Ventures is the technology company behind AAG (Achip & Achair Guild), a growing game guild in the Play-To-Earn (P2E) blockchain gaming sector. The General...