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Indian Cryptocurrency Case Turns Optimistic

Most Awaited Indian Cryptocurrency Case Turns Optimistic

After a series of adjournments, the Indian Crypto vs Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) case is being heard by a fresh 3-judge bench. The...
Blockchain Space in India: What's Happening?

Why India is a Blockchain Leader?

Blockchain technology has come a long way. Starting from mere promises, it now powers a handful of significant projects. Thus, a number of public...
Cryptoccurency WazirX CEO and Binance

Uncovering the Truth of Indian Regulation on Cryptocurrency

WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty has spoken to Crypto Analyst @APompliano and demystified the crypto ban hype in India. According to him, the committee that...
Binance acquires WazirX

Surprise: Binance Acquires Indian Crypto Exchange WazirX

India’s cryptocurrency industry is still in the throes of uncertainty. However, today’s announcement from Binance is promising. The exchange has acquired WazirX, one of...
Government of India Delays Cryptocurrency Bill

Government of India Delays Cryptocurrency Bill

The government of India has decided to delay the introduction of a cryptocurrency bill in the country The Indian government had announced to the supreme...
"Crypto Regulation is Inevitable," Says Chairman of the State Bank of India

“Crypto Regulation is Inevitable,” Says Chairman of the State Bank of India

India’s state bank seems to feel the need to do something about cryptocurrencies. For example, regulate it. The State Bank of India is sure the...
Americans are no longer that keen on working for Ripple and Coinbase

Ripple Listed on Indian Crypto Exchange Colodax

In spite of the Reserve Bank Of India's (RBI) regulatory stand against cryptocurrencies, Indian exchange Colodax listed Ripple’s token XRP. The exchange made an...
India Bans Crypto

India will lose $12.9 Billion for its Crypto Ban

The government of India has been aggressive towards the adoption of blockchain technology but it maintains the stance on banning cryptocurrencies. It has been...

A Mysterious Affair in India: How Can Banned Crypto Not Be Banned?

The recent comment by Anurag Thakur, India's Minister of State, is highly confusing. He said that there is no law which explicitly prohibits crypto usage. In...

LEAK: India Could Ban All Cryptocurrencies Except Its Digital Rupee

India has been pretty rough on the crypto space but has now gotten even worse. According to a document that has been leaked on...