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okc blockchain

NEXT-GENERATION Blockchain OKC Launches Liquid Staking

It might surprise you to know that the Binance model of going from exchange, to exchange token, to blockchain, and to wallet. Is alive and...
Wanchain XFlows Bridge to Tron

Wanchain Bridges Native USDT to/from Tron

Wanchain is already a leader in decentralized bridges. They make it easier to move tokens across chains. And now, using their bridge technology and...
THORwallet maya protocol partnership

THORWallet Partners with Maya Protocol to Boost Cross-Chain Liquidity

In the last month, THORWallet has achieved important partnerships the BNB Chain and Rango Exchange. However, there is another achievement that will let you...
what is thorchain

What Is THORChain? Part 2

THORChain is a cross-chain blockchain that offers swapping with native tokens. We answer 4 popular questions about THORChain. This is Part 2 of our...
thorchain review

What Is THORChain? Part 1

Cross-chain and interoperability are the future for blockchains. Projects and their users must be able to move their assets freely around. THORChain offers this....
Wanchain Safe Decentralized Bridges

Wanchain: A Reliable Decentralized Bridge

The DeFi community has long been concerned about the security of Wrapped BTC bridges. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin once expressed concerns over possible losses...
Wanchain Bridge Enables Cross-Chain NFT Transactions

Use Wanchain Bridge for Cross-Chain NFT Transactions

Wanchain, the world’s premier decentralized blockchain interoperability solution, has announced a new feature to make NFT transactions between chains easier and more reliable. Users...
lukso review

LUKSO, The Hottest Upcoming NFT Chain

Ethereum has remained a Blue Chip blockchain for a considerable amount of time. Over time, blockchains like Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, among others, have...
bnb gas fees

Another 5 Questions About BNB Gas Fees – Part 2

This article has two parts. Here is the first one. This is Part 2 of an article series about BNB gas fees. Here’s a link...
bnb gas fees review

5 Questions About BNB Gas Fees – Part 1

Gas fees are something that we as crypto users get used to. Of course, we enjoy free or low gas fees and fast transactions....