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cryptocurrency and google

Is There an Ongoing Covert War against Cryptocurrency?

Google has announced the removal of Metamask, a well known Dapp browser from its app store. Something strange is happening in the cryptocurrency world....
forbes and ads

Forbes Partners With Unlock to Facilitate Ad-Free Reading

Another beautiful day for the crypto industry as Forbes partners with Unlock. The partnership is geared toward allowing Forbes website readers to enjoy ad-free...
0xUniverse updates

ShardTalk: Interview with Alexander Fedorchuk about 0xUniverse

ShardTalk is the interview segment of Altcoin Buzz gaming which connects our readers to people who are shaping the blockchain gaming space. In this episode...

Brave Browser Releases New Crypto Wallet for ETH and BAT

Blockchain-based internet browser Brave announced the launch of a cryptocurrency wallet for ether (ETH) and Brave's native coin Basic Attention Token (BAT). The wallet...

5 Ways to Acquire or Trade Enjin NFTs

Enjin NFTs or ERC1155 tokens have been the talk of the town and you might be wondering how you can your hands on some...

Blogging Platform Cent Introduces Cent Messenger & Instant ETH Transfers

The Cent team aims to offer a familiar social media experience while making the most of Web3. Cent has created a new function that allows users...

Purchase Crypto Seamlessly Thanks to 0x Instant

The 0x protocol team releases new feature called 0x Instant. This will make purchasing cryptocurrencies even easier. Binance CEO CZ once said something along the lines of...