AIOZ Network Joins the NVIDIA Accelerator Program

Digital media streaming to receive a boost as Layer 1, blockchain-based AIOZ Network joins the NVIDIA Inception accelerator program.

The Layer 1 platform AIOZ Network will also receive co-marketing support as well as have the opportunity to connect with other top-notch projects from the NVIDIA Inception program. The platform will also have access to NVIDIA GPU infrastructure as well as general guidance from the NVIDIA accelerator program.

AIOZ Network is focused on revolutionizing digital media streaming and the general entertainment sector. Making it more decentralized and user-based. In line with this, the content delivery network (CDN) platform is looking to improve the efficiency of its blockchain-based content distributed delivery network (dCDN). Entering the NVIDIA inception program is a step in the right direction to achieving this, as it will help AIOZ properly utilize its resources.

AIOZ | NVIDIA Inception Program

The NVIDIA Inception program is an acceleration platform put together specifically for startups. It provides them with top-notch support, expertise, and technological assistance.

Becoming a member of the NVIDIA accelerator program is an important achievement for AIOZ. This is because it will provide the Layer 1 platform with the opportunity to interact with other networks at important exclusive events. AIOZ will also enjoy guidance on its GPU infrastructure and hardware. This, in turn, will further help to boost its efficiency and also expand the reach of the Layer 1 platform.

More on NVIDIA

NVIDIA is well known as a graphics processing units (GPUs) design company and the inventor of the GPU. GPUs are known for being able to carry out several computations simultaneously, facilitate video computing, and can also catalyze encoding, decoding, as well as other strategic A.I. tasks. Joining the Inception program will provide AIOZ with NVIDIA’s top-notch GPUs infrastructure. Therefore, providing the network with the option to be resource-effective without any significant loss in both power and efficiency.

By making use of a special software stack consisting of the NVIDIA DeepStream, CUDA Video Codec, and RTX Broadcast Engine, AIOZ will be able to provide hardware-based transcoding. The Layer 1 platform will also be to deploy AI-powered Intelligent Content Analytics decentralized applications (dApps) among other A.I. services.

Speaking on the announcement, CEO of AIOZ, Erman Tjiputra, pointed out that joining the NVIDIA accelerator program “[…] reinforces our deep learning technical know-how to integrate AIOZ Network with NVIDIA’s GPUs.”

AIOZ Network is focused on propounding lasting solutions to the challenges facing centralized CDNs. Solving these challenges requires a lot of computational analysis which can effectively be provided by GPU programming. Hence, the importance of joining the NVIDIA Inception program.

AIOZ Price

At the time of publication, AIOZ was trading at $0.340947 with a market cap of $32,136,173 and a 24-hour trading volume of $605,675. The token price is also down by 2.5% in the last 24 hours.

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