Popular musician and blockchain advocate, Akon has partnered with Dutch decentralized artificial intelligence firm, Effect.AI to launch a blockchain education hub in Africa.

Akon and Effect.AI partnership initiative titled the “Kenyan Opportunity Hub,” would promote blockchain education and bring job opportunities in Kenya.

According to the EffectAI firm statement, the Kenyan Opportunity Hub will champion distributed ledger technology as well as artificial intelligence in the country.

Effect.AI CEO Chris Dawe, in his statement, explained that the initiative would enhance blockchain as well as provide Kenyans with several opportunities. Noting that the initiative would benefit all parties involved.

“Digital inclusion for all, enables great minds, no matter their location in the globe. To connect and have an equal opportunity to improve their technical skills and earn a living with meaningful work opportunities,” he said.

Kenyan opportunity hub first of its kind in Africa

The Kenyan opportunity hub will notably be the first of its kind in Africa. According to Effect.AI, it will also be the first in a series of Akon-Effect Opportunity Hubs on the continent.

Notably, the hub will be located at Mwale Medical and Technology City, a project run by United States engineering firm, KE International. This location, according to the inventors, was chosen in a bid to open more work opportunities. Such as tech-powered medical record translation, amongst several others.

The blockchain hub is set to begin in the fourth quarter of 2020. Other African countries particularly, Ghana and Senegal, are slated to get their blockchain hub shortly.

It’s also worth noting that the project will be handled by Akon’s philanthropic arm, the Akon Foundation. The Dutch firm already has a similar blockchain hub in Rustavi, Georgia. Which is also aimed at enhancing job opportunities and promote blockchain knowledge in the country.

Akon blockchain ambition

Notably, the Grammy-nominated rapper is one of the most notable blockchain enthusiasts with his recent interest in constructing a cryptocurrency city in Senegal. The blockchain project is aimed to be a “100% crypto-based city” featuring Akon’s Akoin cryptocurrency.

The Akoin token is aimed to be issued on the Stellar blockchain. Akoin will power “atomic swaps” between cryptocurrencies, fiat, and mobile phone credits on the Akoin network.

Additionally, the rapper disclosed that the plan is to make Akoin available in 54 African countries. Explaining that the project is aimed at strengthening Africa through digital currencies.

For more information on Akoin’s mission towards launch. As well as partnership, token allocation, distribution check out the recent coverage on Altcoinbuzz YouTube channel.


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