AnRKey X™ Focuses on Games With PAID Network Partnership

AnRKey X™ has announced a partnership with PAID Network.

AnRKey X™ recently announced its strategic partnership with PAID Network. PAID Network is an efficient blockchain-based ecosystem offering its users easy-to-use dApps that aim to deliver SMART Agreements that are powered by DeFi.

The AnRKey X™ protocol platform was founded by notable key players in the crypto assets, DeFi, and blockchain ecosystems. The AnRKey X™ protocol platform is also a decentralized finance gaming platform exchange (gDEX). It was developed to combine the features of eSports, Web 3.0 NFTs, and DeFi into a decentralized gaming platform that aims to create a brand new industry known as money sports (m$ports).

On the other hand, the goal of PAID Network is to improve the existing business contract, as well as litigation and the process of settlement. The network aims to do this by making a simple, cost-friendly, and attorney-free dApp for businesses and users that ensures those that are entitled to be paid do get paid.

AnRKey X™ To Leverage on PAID SMART Agreements

AnRKey X™ will leverage on PAID Network’s DeFi-powered SMART Agreements in its decentralized ecosystem. The aim of this integration is to streamline the back-office internal operations of AnRKey X™. This procedure will empower the AnRKey X™ team to focus more on its goals, which is developing innovative arcade games that are powered by DeFi.

“AnRKey X like PAID Network, both set out to revolutionize their legacy industry counterparts; so it is very exciting to partner with AnRKey X and provide them with our DeFi-powered business agreement’s DApp to help them streamline their internal and decentralized operations. So they can dedicate themselves to doing what they do best: revolutionize the gaming industry,” said Kyle Chasse, CEO of PAID Network, while speaking about the partnership.

By utilizing its standardized language SMART Agreements, PAID Network will be saddled with the responsibility of streamlining back-office internal operations that take place at AnRKey X™. In this way, the user profiles of contractors and employees will also be validated through biometrics.

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Through the PAID Network’s SMART Agreements, an inbuilt reputation scoring system can be recorded on blockchain. With its decentralized arbitration system, a quick and reliable system for dispute resolution is produced.

Reaching this strategic partnership with the PAID Network team is believed to be a truly welcome and desirous partnership for AnRKey X™. The former can reportedly take charge of back-office internal operations while the AnRKey X™ team will concentrate on their core activities. Both teams look forward to a long, fulfilling, and successful partnership.

Before now, PAID Network released details of its 2021 roadmap. Remarkably, PAID Network plans to launch several exciting updates like its UX v2.0 upgrade, token staking, and several other new features.

PAID and AnRKey X™ Price

At the time of publication, PAID Network (PAID) is trading at $3.45, with a market cap of $68,559,676 and a 24-hour trading volume of $17,347,506. Meanwhile, AnRKey X™ ($ANRX) is trading at $0.03665051, with a market cap of $2,116,357 and a 24-hour trading volume of $113,157.

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