Autonio Foundation Announces Partnership With

On the 16th of February, Autonio announced its partnership with, a crypto firm known for providing innovative services to its customers. serves its 5 million+ customers with amazing services through its app, exchange, Visa Card, and DeFi wallet. As an autonomous decentralized organization, Autonio Foundation is saddled with the responsibility of creating cost-effective and user-friendly trading tools and services for the DeFi space. The partnership between both firms is to enable the integration of Autonio’s liquidity mining campaigns into the platform.

Improving Liquidity in the DeFi Ecosystem

There is a need to improve liquidity in all trading and financial asset platforms. Unknown to many market players, liquidity is actually one of the most important prerequisites for innovative financial platforms. Some of these market participants do not have much knowledge of the force behind liquidity and how its effects can be measured.

The reason for this ignorance is a result of denied access to the market-making process. Providing liquidity, which is in line with the business of market making, has been made accessible to very few participants, especially in traditional finance.

Liquidity mining and market-making tools have been inaccessible to many participants. Due to the difficult set-up involved in mining liquidity, very few participants have moved into the active business of providing liquidity. Autonio is changing this paradigm by making such tools easier to use and has partnered with to make liquidity providing even more worthwhile.

Integrating NIOX Maker and NIOX Swarm Into

Autonio wants to bring liquidity to the platform by integrating NIOX Maker and NIOX Swarm. With an intuitive UI, NIOX Maker enables its users to leverage on its intelligent automated trading infrastructure. In this way, it can also increase liquidity substantially on a venue.

With NIOX Maker, crypto market enthusiasts, either new or experienced, can become market makers. As part of the NIOX suite, NIOX Maker is purposed to be a liquidity and trader provider and, therefore, contains a set of different strategies to fulfill this intent.

On the other hand, NIOX Swarm contains a different set of strategies in promoting the provision of crowdfunded liquidity. Through its marketplace-driven approach to market making, NIOX Swarm can also promote liquidity by improving matching efficiency in the market.

With these tools, intelligent crowdsourced liquidity can be made available. Combining the ongoing Liquidity Mining Campaigns and Market Making Module, Autonio can boost the volume on As a result, everyone can be equipped to become a liquidity provider.

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CRO Price

As of the time of publication, Coin (CRO) price was $0.111745, with a 24-hour trading volume of $304,342,701. CRO price also rose up by 26.1% over the last 24 hours. Besides, it has a circulating supply of 23 billion CRO coins and a max supply of 100 billion. is also the current most active market trading CRO.

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