Band Protocol Partners With Coin98 Wallet

Band Protocol has announced a partnership with Coin98 Wallet, a renowned decentralized wallet.

Having multi-chain native dApp support, Coin98 Wallet has integrated the Band Protocol decentralized price oracle to offer security and transparency.

Providing secure pricing for various crypto assets

Coin98 Wallet aims at providing users with a simplified and multi-functional product that boosts security and usability for blockchain users. Such can be achieved through reliable price oracle data and a real-time settlement system, which will ensure that all the digital assets will be managed in one place.

By integrating Band protocol into the Coin98 Wallet, the decentralized price oracle will ensure that reliable and secure pricing data is provided for over 14 foreign exchange rates and 125 crypto assets. As a result, over 117,000 users will be provided with essential information concerning interactions with dApps, the transfer of tokens, and the management of overall assets.

Integrating Band Protocol will promote improved usability and security through its reliable price oracle data. This data will cover over 139 feeds for foreign exchanges and crypto tokens. The result is that the users of the Coin98 Wallet will have adequate access to the transparent data they need. Meanwhile, such data is also important for the Coin98 Wallet development team to discover new product offerings and various use cases.

Decentralized data for front-end applications

Apart from smart contracts, other front-end applications make use of decentralized data. When such front-end applications make use of centralized sources for their price data, they become prone to risk. This risk can erupt from a single point of failure. This failure can then become exploited, causing end-users to potentially become prone to suffering from its disastrous consequences.

As a result of their partnership, Band Protocol will completely support Coin98 Wallet’s data requirements, thereby improving scalability, flexibility, and transparency in the decentralized wallet. The BandChain decentralized oracle network is a cross-chain that is compatible with blockchain development frameworks and smart contracts.

As Coin98 Wallet and Band Protocol will be working together, they can both fulfill their mutual vision for the mass adoption of blockchain technology. They can work to fulfill this goal by making sure users enjoy the best services possible.

Additionally, Band Protocol will work strategically with Coin98 Wallet to ensure transparency and usability for blockchain users.

In the next version of the wallet, the integration of the Band Protocol decentralized oracle price data will be updated.

Before now, Band Protocol entered into a partnership with DeFi platform MANTRA DAO. The partnership will provide the DeFi platform with access to the Band Protocol oracle network.

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