Basic Attention Token (BAT) already gained a lot of publicity over the last two weeks with the listing of the token on cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. It now seems, however, that the Coinbase listing is nothing compared to a partnership that might happen soon for BAT. Is mass adoption coming?

The good news keeps coming for Basic Attention Token. In the same week that Coinbase completed the listing of BAT, Brendan Eich, creator of Brave browser and associated Basic Attention Token, hinted at the possibility of a massive boost for cryptocurrency adoption. Eich hinted that a major content publishing website is in talks to adopt BAT usage and payments

In case you don’t know: Basic Attention Token and Brave browser are creating the infrastructure for decentralized ad marketplaces. BAT aims to remove the middleman from advertising, enabling an ecosystem where publishers and advertisers are able to connect with their target demographics more efficiently and transparently, and where end users have more control over their privacy and data.

During a recent interview with the well-known cryptocurrency-related podcast What Bitcoin Did, Brandon Eich said the following while discussing BAT:

“I’m going to tell a story about a site, and you can guess which it is. It has 80 million adblocking unique visitors per month – it has […] many more non-adblocking, but it’s a high adblocking incidence. And they are ready to try something with us that would convert those adblocker users […] to Brave.”

The website Crypotoglobe revealed after doing some research, that Brendan Eich could have been referring to online publishing giant WordPress. Considering the millions of websites worldwide that are built on the platform, such a partnership would be an astronomical boost for crypto adoption globally.


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