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Recent inclusions on Binance Chain are crypto wallet Arax and blockchain network Lition. On Friday, Arax Wallet announced that it had successfully merged with Binance Chain (BEP-2). Its users will therefore be able to store their Binance Coin (BNB tokens) on the wallet. With this partnership, Arax wallet will also be able to list all the coins supported by Binance Chain.

The company in an official statement stated that, “Integrating Binance chain in Arax allows users to store and trade other coins listed on Binance chain. Not just that, Arax Wallet will also be able to list all the coins supported by Binance chain, making our wallet a bit more universal.”

It also pointed out that the Binance coin (BNB) is currently only supported by two wallets, Trust Wallet and itself. Arax wallet is a multi-currency crypto wallet, it offers several financial services among which are holding tokens, carrying out transfers, token exchange with other users, etc.

Binance and Lition 

Binance also merged with blockchain network Lition. The company in a tweet on Friday announced that its network was now integrated with Binance Chain. It also informed its users that its native token (LIT) would soon be available on Binance’s decentralized crypto exchange platform.

Lition blockchain network stated in a blog post on Medium, that the partnership with Binance will help promote interoperability in the blockchain industry. It also added that the partnership will help form the biggest multi-chain ecosystem in the history of blockchain technology.

It stated that, “Not only is Binance one of the biggest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, but the newly released Binance DEX is also one of the most promising decentralized exchange solutions.”


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