Bitcoin and Switzerland

The municipality of Zermatt in partnership with Bitcoin Suisse has announced its decision to make BTC a means of payment.

Based on reports, using Bitcoin Suisse, the Swiss city plans to accept local tax payments in BTC. As well as for carrying out instant official transactions.

Thus, Zermatt is the second city in Switzerland that accepts Bitcoin payments. The first one is Zug.

Head of Crypto Payments at Bitcoin Suisse, Armin Schmid commented on the development. He said that the town of Zermatt is one of the pioneers in this regard. Particularly because it supports the growing ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

What potential benefits exist?

Based on reports, a point-of-sale solution provided by Bitcoin Suisse is now available in the Zermatt town hall. It allows taxpayers to pay their taxes at a communal level using Bitcoin.

Anyone who wants to pay in Bitcoin must apply with the Zermatt Tax office. Then, s/he receives a unique payment link via email. As a result, s/he will be able to transfer BTC directly there. Then, the Zermatt office will convert it to Swiss francs before transferring to the municipality’s bank account.

Increased crypto adoption

This development indicates that cryptocurrency is getting more and more integrated into our daily affairs.

Romey Biner-Hauser, the mayor of Zermatt also gave words concerning the development. He said it’s an innovative move. And applauded the pioneering spirit that helped them create something huge.

“An innovative, pioneering spirit is one of the trademarks of Zermatt, which is why we are happy to support residents in providing them with the solutions they require,” he said.

To remind, the crypto-financial service company, Bitcoin Suisse took a step towards seeking a banking license from Switzerland’s financial regulator. It made the decision with the intention of following the changing regulatory scenarios of crypto assets and services. Also, Switzerland-based crypto bank SEBA revealed plans to carry out a second fundraising round to secure over $95 million for its development.


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