Blocklords Will Work with Chainlink

The Blocklords game will cooperate with Chainlink using its oracles for improving the game’s performance.

Both companies have announced on Twitter that they are working on improving the blockchain gaming experience. For Chainlink, this type of project is a completely new undertaking. And yet the company seems to be content to enter the blockchain gaming space.

“We’re thrilled to work with BLOCKLORDS on pioneering a completely new gaming industry using blockchain technology. By providing BLOCKLORDS with secure and reliable off-connection via Chainlink oracles, we’re confident that blockchain games will make great strides in user experience and gameplay functionality, while still maintaining the critical property of decentralized security,” states Daniel Kochis who works on business development for Chainlink.

Since the gamers interact with smart contracts, various servers and have to permanently maintain their database, they require a system with high-level security. This is where the Chainlink oracles come in. These will enable safe data transmission that the gamers so acutely require.

So, what is Blocklords all about?

The game has a lot to offer. Set in medieval Europe, it allows players to create heroes, exchange items, conquer cities, and earn taxes on sales within their borders.

Besides, the developers are planning to launch the game on the Ethereum network (ETH) through the Loom Network (LOOM) sidechain. And it is likely to attract additional players and capital for project development.

The game uses NFT a.k.a non-fungible tokens. NEO’s gas cryptocurrency powers all the transactions. Items are divided into different generations, and the first batch already includes 1000 heroes and 5000 high-quality items.

In the future, Blocklords plans to offer new features and additional tools that would allow players to further monetize their game activity.

Learn more about the Blocklords team in our recent interview with Davis Johansson.

Besides, make sure to check out the latest development in the blockchain gaming space. 


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