Yesterday, Brave Software announced a partnership with rewards platform TAP Network, opening up the opportunity to connect consumers with more than 250,000 brands.  

What a week so far! Enjin revealed a partnership with Samsung, Coinbase announced the listing of XRP on Coinbase Pro and HTC is going to work with Decentraland for the Exodus 1. Talking about adoption!

But it doesn’t stop there! Yesterday, Brave Software, the company behind Brave Browser and cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token (BAT), announced a partnership that connects consumers with more than 250,000 brands.

The partnership with rewards platform TAP Network is a big deal. Currently, TAP Network works with brands like Red Bull, connecting them through its permission data and rewards technology. Brave will now allow users who watch opt-in private ads from its brand partners to exchange their earned Basic Attention Tokens for real-world rewards.

Brendan Eich, CEO-cofounder of Brave Software, said about the partnership:

“Both the user and the advertiser lose in today’s digital advertising landscape, and with regulations like GDPR looming all over the world, this broken ecosystem simply cannot continue as we know it.”

Lin Dai, co-founder and CEO of TAP Network, mentioned that both companies are a good fit since they focus completely on privacy:

Consumer data is being misused by major internet companies and TAP Network empowers consumers to directly take control of their own data and get rewarded from top brands.”

Brave said it will make the Partnership option available on its mobile platforms by the end of 2019.


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