Brokoli & Zilliqa

Bridging and listing on the Zilliqa ecosystem makes Brokoli Network one of the top projects on Zilliqa by market cap.

On the 12th of January, Brokoli Network announced on their Twitter page that you can now bridge $BRKL to its listing on the Zilliqa ecosystem. Furthermore, This opens the Brokoli ecosystem to a whole new audience.

Brokoli will be listed on XCAD Network. It is the decentralized exchange on Zilliqa. Brokoli becomes the first project that is listed on the XCAD DEX and bridge from the ERC20 token standard. Users can provide LP and get huge rewards. For now, there is only one pair for $BRKL, XCAD/BRKL. It has an APR of 390%.

About Brokoli Network

Brokoli is the ultimate multi-chain DeFi sustainability layer. Brokoli combines DeFi and GameFi to reward users for creating, owning, and trading positive impact.

The project is divided into three sections that are interconnected:

  • Brokoli’s core: It’s the eco-friendly way to access the most popular DEXs and dApps
  • API: Any blockchain network (centralized or decentralized) can utilize the API to let users pay a small climate fee to minimize the impact of their transaction
  • Digital Forest / Brokoli Impact Credits: Users get rewards with NFTs based on the trees they have supported. Brokoli Impact Credits will be used to trade digital NFT trees. These are corporate social responsibility standards that have links with actual forests and bought by business partners.
About XCAD Network

XCAD Network is a creator’s tokenization platform. It means that XCAD makes it possible for a YouTuber to have their own Cryptocurrency Creator token. Furthermore, YouTubers can use tokens to reward viewers for engaging with their content directly on YouTube.

XCAD Network for creators:

  • Allow creators to create their own tokens to reward viewers
  • As they reach specific milestones, creators receive their own Creator tokens
  • Token rewards for increased watch time 
  • Offer a range of connection-based options, such as merch, special NFTs, and voting rights on new content, to encourage viewers to hold Creator tokens

XCAD Network for viewers:

  • Through the YouTube platform, viewers may earn money from the artist
  • Viewers may exchange creator tokens 
  • When watching content, viewers may stake Content Creator Tokens in liquidity pools to receive multiples on prizes
  • Viewers can use Creator tokens to buy products, get social follow backs, get video shoutouts, get unique content, and much more
  • Holders of Creator tokens can vote on a Creator’s future content, video ideas, and other important channel decisions.

In addition to all of the above, the XCAD Network has its own decentralized exchange.

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