According to the recent update from the Cardano Foundation, it has announced a new partnership with the Fintech Association of HongKong.

FTAHK is a non-profit and independent organization that represents the local and global fintech community of Hong Kong. The organization is based on governance, accountability, and transparency and is organized and led by a huge number of committees namely the volunteers from all the tech fields.

FTAHK has its main focus on online payments, RegTech, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.  It sees the Cardano Foundation joining the FTAHK, as the organization behind ADA (Cardano) continues to expand globally.

Project Cardano was started in 2015 in order to change the design and development of the cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the main focus of the project is to create a sustainable and balanced ecosystem which response to the user needs and the other integrated systems in a better way.

The association would bring Hong Kong closer to its goals of becoming a Fintech Hub by incorporating the cutting-edge technologies in various sectors like government, academia, business, and finance.


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