Smart packaging company ScanTrust has announced a partnership with Cardano Foundation to implement a new POC blockchain project.

Cardano made this announcement via Twitter. The tweet disclosed that Cardano has accepted to build a Proof-of-Concept blockchain project with ScanTrust. One that is expected to radically improve Cardano connector development as well as its authenticity devices.

The tweet reads: “Davos Diaries – 21 Jan 2020: We accepted an offer to implement a Proof-of-Concept integration with ScanTrust, a smart packaging services company, to co-develop Cardano Connector, blockchain-enabled product provenance, and authenticity tool.”

The community is happy

Elated by this news, the entire Cardano community is looking forward to the partnership. With many believing it will boost the development of the Cardano ecosystem.

ScanTrust has also confirmed this report via a tweet. Indicating that it has plans to partner with Cardano to build a blockchain project with Cardano Foundation. However, the smart packaging firm didn’t go into detail.

ScanTrust alleges that its main aim is to facilitate transparency and trust among brands and customers all over the world.

In the tweet, it promised to share more info with users in the near future. It reads: “We’re rolling out another blockchain project, this time with Cardano Foundation. Stay tuned for more details!”

This partnership throws more light on important roles the blockchain sphere might play in the supply chain and packaging sector.

More on Cardano Foundation

Cardano was founded by Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum and Bitshares. Recently, he disclosed that Cardano is looking to achieve a well-balanced global crypto ecosystem. And its partnership with ScanTrust and POC blockchain is a step in the right direction as it will further create more use cases for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In December 2019, Hoskinson disclosed that Cardano was looking forward to the big push in 2020. After successfully migrating to its Shelley upgrade.

Altcoin Buzz also recently reported on the relationship between the supply chain sector and blockchain.


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