Credits and GeoDb

Credits, a scalable and decentralized blockchain platform announces another major partnership. This time the alliance partner is the first blockchain-based peer-to-peer data sharing ecosystem GeoDB.

Similar to the previous partnerships like Lenovo, IBM, Oracle, and Alibaba, Credits – GeoDB partnership will support modern businesses with blockchain.

Strategic Partnership

GeoDB functions as a decentralized peer-to-peer big data-sharing ecosystem. It focuses on improving the Big Data industry. Currently, it is interconnecting Big-Data, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies in an open-source environment and returns value to the platform users. This new concept is called Big-Crypto. And to scale its operations and enterprise adoption it will be using Credits’ smart contracts and decentralized applications.  

With that GeoDB will facilitate trusted, frictionless, and efficient P2P data transactions. We could not help but notice that while GeoDB is still in its infancy, however Binance CEO, CZ is already following their twitter handle. Could Binance be planning to acquire GeoDB just like CoinMarketCap?
Credits Mainnet is now almost a year old and the statistics are pretty impressive. With approximately 100 nodes, the Mainnet has facilitated over 3Mn transactions. And 2.2k smart contracts, and has deployed more than 1.5k tokens. Currently, it hosts more than 16k wallets.
Symbiotic Alliance
According to the official announcement Credits and GeoDB will be providing mutual support to each other. Moreover, both will be able to expand their capabilities. And that’s because they will inform each other about technological developments.
Additionally, they together aim to deliver high-end products to modern business. With this partnership, both will work together to support the implementation of blockchain technology in modern business.
Credits in Future
Currently, Credits offers public and private blockchain-based solutions to B2C and B2B markets. And this has been achievable by executing smart contracts and decentralized applications. However, this will be on their open-source decentralized blockchain platform. The existing time per block is close to 0.95 seconds. Moreover, Credits is working aggressively to achieve 1Mn TPS, 0.1s block time at a fee of 0.001 USD.  
Recently, we covered Credits (CS) use case in our ShareRing Overview.


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