Alchemy Partner For Chain Development Mainnet dry run, Crossfire is all set to begin on 18 Jan 2021. Just prior to this final step that will stress test the chain in a real-world setting announced its partnership with Alchemy. The collaboration is considered a major step towards the Mainnet launch. According to the official blog, Alchemy will build an API and developer platform for mainnet. Effectively, this will expand the Chain support ecosystem.

Alchemy is one of the leading blockchain developer platform that is being led by leaders from Stanford, Coinbase, and Google. At present Alchemy is trusted by 70% of the world’s top Ethereum apps and it powers $15 Billion in on-chain transactions. Furthermore, Alchemy is on a mission to help developers build world-class products on blockchain. According to Alchemy CEO, Nikil Viswanathan, the team has partnered with as the project holds the potential to support the development of the next-generation of Web3.

Expanding the Ecosystem is no more just a payment facilitator, the project has been expanding its horizon lately. Recently, it partnered with to offer up to 25% discounts on accommodation costs.

According to Kris Marszalek, CEO said that the Alchemy partnership will help developers build ground-breaking apps using the Chain. Moreover, Alchemy API and developer platform will simplify and speed up the development process.

Alchemy’s Supernode is one of the most reliable and scalable Ethereum API. Moreover, once the developers on Chain start using this API, they will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Apps developed will be highly reliable and fast.
  • the developers will enjoy reduced operational and maintenance costs with the and Alchemy partnership.
  • Developers will not have to self-host full nodes.
  • Alchemy APIs will enable robust chain transaction monitoring and transaction broadcasting.
Mainnet Dry Run announced the Crossfire Validator Competition on 17 December 2020. The competition will start on 18 January 2021 and will run till 15 February 2021. However, to enter the task, the participants have been setting up validator nodes and keep them online. However, to win additional rewards:

  • they need to submit transactions to the network
  • Participate in proposal voting
  • Perform node client update
  • Observe and report network attacks

The validators need to compete among themselves to become the top 10 Most Valuable Participants (MVPs). Moreover, the winning validators will share a prize pool of $300,00 in CRO rewards.

CRO Price

In the last 14 days, CRO, the native token has jumped by over 23%. Moreover, according to Coingecko, the CRO is trading close to $0.072 at the time of press.


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