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The Price of the Cryptoblades token, $SKILL, has been up and down. However, something massive is about to happen around CryptoBlades. And this could be a fantastic early investment opportunity for the 100x gem seekers.

There’s no arguing that the price of CryptoBlades token $SKILL has risen at a breakneck pace. From an all-time low of USD 0.69 to an all-time high of USD 142. The period of extraordinary growth was quickly followed by an extreme retrace. Despite that, the $SKILL ROI is still over 2900%. 

But something big is going to happen in the world of CryptoBlades. And for 100x gem hunters, this may be a terrific early investment opportunity.

CryptoBladesKindoms Seedify

Source: Seedify

Releasing Crypto Blades Kingdom (CBK)

According to official reports, Seedify is working with CryptoBlades on a new game that will include a slew of new features and mechanisms to turn the present CryptoBlades game into a full-fledged universe.

To immerse players in the universe of CryptoBlades Kingdoms, this game will include new territories, guilds, structures, and new types of activities such as raid mechanics, PvP, PvE, dungeons, and more. CryptoBladesKingdom is planning to be the most popular in the whole blockchain ecosystem.

On the other hand, CryptoBlades Kingdoms features a deflationary process, whereas most games produce more and more tokens and goods. So the economy of the game improves as we gain more users.

If CBK rolls out successfully, this could lead to the evolution of CryptoBlades from the most played game on Binance Smart Chain to the most played game in the entire blockchain ecosystem.

CryptoBlades has Announced an IGO of $KING

$KING is the native token of Crypto Blades Kingdom (CBK), which will be launched on the Seedify launchpad. This token will be used for in-game purchases and rewards; $ KING will be the medium of exchange for in-game transactions.

Until now, Seedify IGO launchpad has produced an all-time high average ROI of 3,304 %.

Crypto Blades Kingdom will be an RPG Metaverse Game

In essence, CBK is a CryptoBlades game update, or, to put it another way, a transformation of the present Cryptoblades game into an intriguing strategy-based land-building RPG metaverse. This new game will allow current game elements to be utilized in a far more immersive environment.

That implies you may utilize your CryptoBlades components to help you in CryptobladesKingdom. This emphasizes the importance of your CryptoBlades components. Naturally, this is a significant benefit of using NFTs to create games.

CBK Tokenomics

While most games produce an increasing number of tokens and goods, CryptoBlades Kingdoms employs a deflationary approach. To ensure a healthy and sustainable economy inside Cryptoblades Kingdoms, every in-game transaction, like the sale of land or equipment, will trigger a deflationary event via a built-in burn mechanism that will burn $KING tokens. This will result in a supply crunch and a probable price increase.

Unlike other games, CBK will include ‘game sinks’ through PvP and PvE instead of a strategy that generates more goods and tokens. This will be critical in maintaining an upgraded, immersive gaming experience while establishing a real and developing economy as the user population develops. CBK’s native token is called $KING.

Crypto Blades Kingdom Investors

Crypto Blades Kingdom has a group of highly recognized investors in the sector, including Ankr, BSC News, GD10 Ventures, and others.

CBK investors

Source: Seedify

Between all of them, they have managed to raise a fund of USD 4 million to develop the game.

How to Obtain Early Access to $King Tokens

On September 28th and 29th, the highly anticipated Cryptoblades Kingdoms Private Sale and IGO will be available on the Seedify Launchpad.

Here is some background information before we get into the specifics of how you may participate in the $KING token sales.

  • $KING will be a BEP-20 token (Binance Smart chain standard) 
  • The allocation for private sale is $KING worth USD 350,000 priced at $0.02 and for the IGO its USD 600,000 priced at USD 0.04
  • The vesting period of $KING tokens for both sales is also different. There is a 3-month lock for the private sale and then a 10% unlock each month. For the IGO, 25% of KING will be unlocked at TGE and 25% in the following months.

Given that the total supply of $KING is 1 billion, the vesting time appears to be strategically structured to keep the $KING token supply-constrained, perhaps leading to a price rise.

How to Participate in the Private Sale on Seedify

To participate in a token generation event on Seedify, you need to be a $SFUND holder, and then you need to stake your $SFUND in one of 9 tiers. $SFUND is Seddify’s native token. Here is a summary about them:

Seedify tiers

Source: Seedify

If you want to participate in the Seedify private Sale. You must be a Tier 6 or above. Otherwise, the participation method for IGO and Private sale is the same. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1:  You must buy $SFUND tokens over PancakeSwap or Kucoin. Before you buy $SFUND, make sure you have decided your Tier choice and buy accordingly.

Step 2:  You must complete your KYC process. Seedify IGO participants must complete KYC via Blockpass, a third-party software. Personal details, a national ID, and an Ethereum wallet address are required. That’s all, and you’re ready to take part in the IGO.

$SFUND Staking

You can stake your IGO in the TOSDIS Stakepool if you wish your $SFUND to receive yield while still eligible for IGO participation. There is a solid reason to start staking $SFUND:

Seedify has many IGOs popping up. You can easily stake the $SFUNDs you keep aside for IGO participation and earn staking rewards. To remain eligible for the IGO or private sales, make sure you stake with the same wallet you used to KYC for Seedify IGO participation. Here you can see some of the Seedify IGO schedules:

On the other hand, here is an easy guide to follow once the IGO day has arrived:

First Step: Go to Seedify

Second Step: Connect your wallet to Seedify launchpad. (Metamask or WalletConnect)

Third Step: Choose the project’s pool that will be “Initial Game Offer.”

Fourth Step: Click on the “Buy Tokens” button on the opened page.

Fifth Step: Decide your tier and buy tokens at the specified amount maximum. It can be less as well.

Once these five steps are accomplished, your $SFUND tokens will be sent to your wallet after dex listing according to the vesting schedule. More information here.

$SFUND Price

The Price of $SFUND is trading now at USD 3.32 with a current marketcap of USD 57,629,438. With a 24-hr trading volume of USD 3,864,140. The circulating supply is 17.3 million $SFUND tokens and a total collection of 100 million.

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