DigiByte Announce Collaboration with Safe Haven

DigiByte Foundation has announced a new partnership with Safe Haven.

According to reports, the partnership between DigiByte and Safe Haven includes the future integration of the Safe Haven inheritance platform on the Digibyte Blockchain. As well as, the future SafeKey support on DigiByte support systems.

DigiByte said: “Safe Haven has several patent-pending solutions that we believe allows DigiByte to expand further. Also, supporting our community with new and exciting options.”

Safe Haven twitter post also confirmed the partnership saying: “We’re looking forward to working with the @DigiByteCoin team in the coming years! Digital Inheritance for all…”


What to expect?

The announcement by the DigiByte Foundation states that the collaboration gives the DigiByte community the opportunity to enjoy a special edition DigiByte SafeKey.

Notably, the Safe Haven hardware device SafeKey entails multiple use cases. As well as, FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) and FIDO2 authentication for secure login on websites and social media platforms. The SafeKey also serves as an additional layer of security for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Besides, the collaboration also provides an added benefit for use of the Safe Haven inheritance platform, Inheriti. With the additional layer of protection and patented customized internal storage, Inheriti becomes able to encrypt shares of private keys, passwords, and account details. SafeKey with the SSDP technology remains the only hardware device that allows for decentralized storage of information and operates with Inheriti.

Reports also say that the Safe Haven community currently stands at the BETA testing stage. But, plans exist to launch the public BETA in the very near future. Also, Inheriti is expected to be available using the DigiByte Blockchain near the end of 2020.

However, interested users get the chance to obtain a SafeKey at the SafeKey Web Store and pay with DigiByte.

About Safe Haven

Safe Haven is a cryptocurrency token issued on the VeChain platform. The platform offers multiple asset management solutions focused on B2B2C clients. The company’s primary product remains inheritance solutions. Hence, creating value through exchanges, wallets, and protecting users’ digital assets.

Previously, Safe Haven announced the launch of SafeKey, hardware for 2FA and Crypto Inheritance.


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