DigiByte ThreeFold

DigiByte Foundation and ThreeFold Foundation announced their collaborative partnership.

The partnership between DigiByte and ThreeFold is aimed at achieving their common vision of building a world that would empower humanity. At the core of both organizations’ goal is to create an equal, sustainable, and decentralized world.

DigiByte has partnered with Threefold Grid to empower the capabilities of peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized internet. With the partnership, the capabilities of the DigiByte Blockchain will be harnessed in the promotion of the decentralized internet ecosystem.

DigiByte aligns with ThreeFold’s decentralized Grid

As a result of the partnership, they will collaborate on the ThreeFold Grid projects. The collaboration will lead to the launching of sustainable developer and user projects.

Based on the dictates of the partnership, the developer community and other DigiByte Blockchain contributors are invited into the ThreeFold Grid. They are to utilize affordable and decentralized cloud computing capacity.

Currently, developers can start working on the ThreeFold Grid by deploying their DigiByte nodes. As well as, their IT workloads on the ThreeFold Grid. This deployment uses Smart Contracts for IT for autonomous execution.

Also, DigiByte community members can also explore the capabilities of the ThreeFold Grid for their own personal needs and projects. If any member is interested in being a node operator who will utilize the ThreeFold Grid on the DigiByte Blockchain, such a person should follow the steps on this document.

The ThreeFold Grid is currently available to over 21 jurisdictions in the world. The ThreeFold Grid also launched its latest version (ThreeFold Grid v2.0) in April this year. This version supports a minimum of 600 active nodes with over 40million Gigs bandwidth capabilities. The ThreeFold Grid also has other partners such as Stellar, HP, and TomoChain.

The Conscious Internet Alliance welcomes DigiByte

As a benefit of the partnership, the peer-to-peer internet firm, ThreeFold, has welcomed DigiByte into the Conscious Internet Alliance initiative. The Conscious Alliance Initiative is a program led by the ThreeFold Foundation. Together with other projects that are aimed at environmental sustainability, the initiative will work towards the neutrality of the global Internet.

“The @DGB_Foundation is proud to be a partner to ensure further global decentralization,” says Rudy Bouwman, DigiByte co-founder on Twitter, in response to the partnership.

DigiByte is also increasing its own ecosystem. As we recently announced, their token, DigiByte (DGB) is now listed on Binance Exchange, one of the biggest exchanges in the world.

Previously, major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it has listed DigiByte (DGB).


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