Effect.AI and Ivan on Tech Strategic Partnership

With sights set on facilitating blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) education, Effect.AI has entered a strategic partnership with Ivan On Tech Academy.

Effect.AI members will now have access to Ivan On Tech Academy courses, especially its blockchain-based courses compiled by seasoned experts.

Founded by Ivan Liljeqvist and Filip Martinsson, Ivan On Tech Academy is focused on providing online blockchain and programming education. Ivan On Tech Academy furnishes members with necessary accelerated learning courses, up-to-date skills, and mentorship. According to Effect.AI, its members are excited about the strategic partnership with Ivan On Tech Academy.

History of Effect.AI 

The educational platform launched its first center in January. Located in Rustavi, Georgia, the center received immense support from the Rustavi Innovation Hub and the United Nations.

Effect.AI was, furthermore, permitted by the mayor of Rustavi to make use of the recently remodeled Rustaveli National Theater. Therefore, ensuring learners have the best environment to physically learn about the blockchain sphere. Effect.AI centers will work to ensure people from all over the globe have access to tech education. This doesn’t stop at blockchain technology alone as members will also receive mentorship in other major aspects of the technology sphere. 

Speaking on the announcement, Effect.AI CEO Chris Dawe revealed some salient points. He pointed out that there is a huge gap in tech education, employment, and opportunity. He added that this gap exists between those with access to blockchain and AI tech and those with no access. To bridge this gap, people worldwide, irrespective of their geographical location, should have access to tech education. Dawe states that such education will provide them with equal access to the tech industry.

Partnership with Akon’s Akoin

Prior to its strategic partnership with Ivan On Tech Academy, Effect.AI partnered with Akoin Foundation. Announced this July, the partnership will foster the creation of similar centers in countries like Senegal, Kenya, and Ghana. Also, all centers created in these locations will be dubbed as the Akon-Effect Opportunity Hubs. 

The proposed Opportunity Hubs will help educate and empower African youths. Such hubs will allow students to “improve their technical skills and earn a living with meaningful work opportunities.” The overall goal is to create a new generation of entrepreneurs that will ignite a blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution in Africa.

Interestingly, members of Akon-Effect will also have access to paid online work. All work will be paid in EFX, the native token of Effect.AI. Also, this will facilitate more awareness and subsequent adoption of the cryptocurrency. This partnership will also provide Akon-Effect members with access to Ivan On Tech Academy’s world-renowned blockchain and crypto courses.

Effect.AI points out that disrupting the current monopoly in access to technology and digital inclusion is crucial. The project adds that it would promote any “technology that supports TRANSPARENCY, EQUALITY, and OPPORTUNITY”.

Listing on KuCoin

Popular exchange KuCoin recently listed EFX on its platform, allowing interested people the ability of buying and selling the coin.

Altcoin Buzz previously published an overview of Akon’s Akoin project.


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