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Electroneum has announced a partnership with Cambodia’s largest Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Cellcard.

It made this announcement via an official blog post. This is the first time a crypto-based organization will be teaming up with an MNO. Electroneum is definitely climbing new heights in the crypto space. Currently, Electroneum M1 smartphones are available for sale in Cambodia. All powered by Electroneum and Cellcard partnership. Alongside this feature, airtime and data top-up will also be available to Cambodia users. This will most likely create awareness and subsequently facilitate rapid crypto adoption in the fast-growing Southeast Asian region.

The M1 smartphone’s price is $40. However, users who can’t afford it will get it for free alongside a one-year mobile phone plan.

About Cellcard

Longest-serving telecom firm, Cellcard is an award-winning MNO. With more than 20 years of service, and a customer base of over 3.2 million it stands out in the country’s telecom space. And seen as a leader and an innovator with Global Brand Magazine naming it as the “Most Reliable Telecom Operator and Excellence in Telecom Industry” in December 2019. It also bagged awards for “Best Telecommunications Company Cambodia” and “Best Digital Lifestyle Provider Cambodia” in 2019.

Cellcard’s well known and deeply rooted values resonate with Electroneum’s mission. Hence the partnership. Electroneum aims to improve the lives of the unbanked and less privileged. Ensuring no one is financially excluded with unrestricted access to global economic happenings.

More on Electroneum

As Altcoin Buzz previously reported, Electroneum has changed its cloud mining feature to ETN rewards. Thus, it provides users with up to $3 for simply interacting with the app. With the M1 smartphone, the $3 would be enough for the user to subscribe to a 3 weeks call card and data plan.

The mobile-based crypto payment platform currently boasts of about 3.1 million users. And its primary audience resides in underdeveloped regions of the world. Also termed as the first crypto to be truly KYC/AML compliant worldwide. 

Cambodia, on the other hand, recently disclosed plans to launch a CBDC.



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