Elrond has recently announced its partnership with Ankr. This partnership will enable the easy deployment and hosting of Elrond Nodes on Ankr.

Ankr provides a platform that creates a blockchain cloud infrastructure. With this agreement, the Ankr platform would align its capabilities with the needs of operating Elrond infrastructure.

The effective operation of Elrond nodes

In the long term, the end-goal of this partnership is to run a Validator to its highest capacity. This can be made possible when all the node operators are equipped with every feature required. Having this put in place, the Validator will run in a user-friendly and intuitive environment, where cryptocurrency can be used as payment.

The user-friendly and intuitive environment available on the Ankr platform aligns with the specifications of non-technical node operators. This user interface also provides an optimum security level.

CEO of Elrond, Beniamin Mincu claims “The drive to be a part of the new economy, and contribute to the internet-scale blockchain’s security & efficiency should not be met with technical obstacles. We are happy to soon be able to offer our supporters the means to set up & run an Elrond node with Ankr’s intuitive platform.”

Notable progress has already been made to contain some needs of the Elrond Validator. However, to demonstrate these Ankr capabilities, some nodes that have been powered by Ankr will enter the fray in the incentivized Elrond testnet event.

Elrond members to gain deployment into the Battle of Nodes

To achieve further progress in this partnership, the Elrond community will give access to 15 exceptional non-technical members to explore Elrond Ankr nodes. By gaining access to these nodes, they can join the Battle of Nodes.

The selected members will be required to work hard in order to climb the leaderboards. They would have to battle with the available tools, even as they are boosted by the active infrastructure. They will then report their findings to the community.

“Competitions are exciting because they give us the chance to shine and show off our capabilities. We’re happy to take on the challenge of providing tools for Battle of Nodes and look forward to being able to host mainnet Elrond nodes in our data centers across the globe” said Chandler Song, Ankr CEO.

Ankr also looks forward to the empowerment of these Elrond node operators. In the long-run, these operators will be able to access the 1-click deployment feature available on Ankr’s hosting platform.

In April, Binance partnered with Elrond blockchain architecture to make Binance-backed stablecoin, BUSD available on the Elrond Network. The partnership between both firms will enable fast and inexpensive stablecoin transactions for Binance users.


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