Ethverse Partners With Matic Network

Ethverse and well-known Ethereum scaling solution Matic Network have announced a strategic partnership.

Built on the Minecraft gaming platform and Ethereum decentralized technology, Ethverse provides users with an immersive experience on the gaming network. Users can also easily monetize assets, features, and services on Ethverse.

Matic Network confirmed the partnership in a series of tweets. Ethverse, according to the tweets, will enjoy several benefits from the partnership.

Matic Network’s inexpensive, fast, and credible transactions will provide Ethverse users with better immersive experiences on the platform. Users will be able to design the virtual world as they please. They can create buildings and objects, as well as own and trade assets and lands within the ecosystem. Ethverse users can also enjoy role-play, treasure searches, virtual events, and several other activities due to its partnership with the Matic Network.

More important upgrades are expected to follow the partnership between Ethverse and the Matic Network.

More on the partnership

Matic Network’s fast and inexpensive transaction structure, known as RocketMatic, will also drive the Ethverse ecosystem. The structure will also make it possible for users to purchase or sell (trade) assets on the open and interactive platform.

Matic Network will also open a virtual shop on the decentralized virtual world of the gaming network. This will open up Matic Network users to the wonders embedded in the Ethverse virtual world.

To commemorate the partnership, both platforms have decided to carry out a giveaway. Community members now have the opportunity to win $200 worth of MATIC tokens.

In other news, Matic Network recently welcomes several new validators on its platform. These validators include the likes of ValidationCap, StakeCapital, StarFi Protocol, Ethermon NFT, and FreshMATIC

The Ethereum scaling solution also recently launched its staking mainnet. Users who stake on the platform will receive APR as high as 33%. The platform has also announced a partnership with MahaDAO.

Previously, Altcoin Buzz covered partnerships with StakeHound and Chainlink. The Ethereum scalability solution platform also recently completed its phase 1 staking.

The Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel recently listed Ethverse as one of the top ten altcoins to buy this year.


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