The payment app now supports nine tokens; Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, QTUM and Dash (newly added). Users are able to buy and sell cryptos with an iOS or Android app, they can also pay for goods and withdraw cash at the ATMs from their crypto holdings.

Early fork and wide usage among reasons for dash inclusion

The backend would involve the company exchanging clients’ crypto for fiat and sending euros to the counter-parties that accept payment. This is a similar method with the one employed by 2gether’s rival, Coinbase and their new Debit Card. Coinbase’s Card was launched in April, partnering with U.K. payment processor, PaySafe.

In a press release, 2gether explained why they are adding Dash to the list. First is the early fork from the Bitcoin protocol, the coin has also become the solution in crisis-stricken countries like Venezuela and Thailand. This has prompted greater demand for the coin in the global sphere.

CEO Ramon, Ferraz, mentioned that the dash partnership is crucial because it’s one of the most widely-used cryptocurrencies around the globe.

“Including dash to the list of nine cryptocurrencies adds us to new markets which expands our reach and visibility outside the eurozone,” added Ramon.

Quoting CEO of Dash core Group, Ryan Taylor:

“The addition of dash to 2gether’s platform helps strengthen the bridge between crypto and fiat-based financial markets. It provides more ways for eurozone citizens to reap the benefits of decentralized payments.”

The dash community has put efforts into working to stimulate the adoption of cryptocurrency in countries with high levels of unbanked citizens and fluctuating local currencies. For instance, the Dash Treasury DAO, has granted over $33 million-worth of dash since 2015. This also includes $2.3 million for projects in developing countries like Zimbabwe, Ghana and Kenya.


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