Neo Newest Consensus Node on NEO3 Testnet

Open-source blockchain application platform NEO has announced that Everstake has deployed its NEO testnet consensus.

Thus it has become the first-ever non-NF enterprise on the NEO platform. The exchange made this announcement via its official blog post on January 17, 2020.

Everstake aims to achieve well managed, secured and credible nodes for POS platforms while making use of enterprise-grade hardware. Enabling its users to vote for it in a wide range of PoS projects such as ARK, Tezos NKN etc

Now that the firm is a Neo3 Preview 1 testnest, it plans to test all Neo3 features as well as add any other needed upgrades.

Speaking on the inclusion, co-founder of Neo Erik Zhang disclosed that his firm was glad to have NEO on board. Further pointing out that, “As Neo3 development accelerates, we appreciate the help from the ecosystem to facilitate Neo’s development and the decentralization process.”

Consensus node decentralization

Neo Foundation (NF) first distributed its Neo 2.x TestNet consensus commitment in June last year. At the same time, the St. Petersburg Competence Center (NeoSPCC) became the seventh node operator. However, NF had to temporarily suspend the promotion of the h TestNet nodes to Neo’s MainNet. Placing a greater priority on NEO3. NF cited significant development work and code changes expected for Neo3 to take a higher priority.

NF pointed out that “as more Neo3 Preview versions become available, the current and new consensus nodes will gradually join the Neo3 TestNet.”

Steps to become a Neo3 preview testNet consensus node

First, interested companies will have to submit an operations and maintenance proposal to [email protected].

Next, Neo Foundation will evaluate all candidates. Candidate approval will be based solely on qualifications and likely contributions to the NF niche.

A Neo3 Preview Testnest node operator must have been operating for at least six months before it can be voted for MainNet approval.

All this process is to ensure optimum performance and stability of the NEO 3 MainNet.

Everstake is ready to start out on this initiative, CEO of Everstake, Sergii Vasylchuk said. Also adding that his team would be “providing technical knowledge as well as efforts to fuel and support the Neo3 Preview1 TestNet in many ways.”

Founded by Attic Lab, Everstake prides itself on operating secure and reliable nodes for PoS protocols.

Altcoin Buzz recently reported NEO’s recent partnership with SWFT, Incognito, Tomochain and Ledger. Last year the blockchain platform also got listed on the Zeus pp.


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