Bloktide deems blockchain the future

Bloktide, a UK-based firm offering corporate finance advisory service to startups, has struck new partnerships. It wants to help companies stay compliant with the regulation.

Bloktide is one of the leading companies when it comes to the use of emerging technologies. It has the global market insight and pays special attention to compliance.  Here’s the list of confirmed partnerships: Hanbitco, LMAX Digital, Hacken, MediaLogix, Fountech, CryptoGeeks, Getingenious, Blockchain Analytica and Tokenomica. The goal of these partnerships is clear: to tackle real-life problems and create tangible advancements for businesses.
The British company builds transformative solutions. It plays a pivotal role in helping innovators realize fundraising goals. Furthermore, it has been executing ICOs, IEOs and private investor funding.
Bloktide has been proactive in acknowledging the regulatory shortcomings of the crypto industry. In its discussions with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the company has shared an illustrative feedback on the CP19/22 proposal. The latter prohibits marketing, sales of derivatives and exchange-traded notes to retail investors
With that said, Bloktide has approached the FCA with an open letter. According to it, the FCA should tackle the issue of misinformation in crypto space in a calculated manner. Raising concerns over prohibitions, Bloktide suggested this could lead to innovative projects finding overseas asylum. If nothing changes, it could put London’s tech advantage on the back burner.
Bloktide Leadership Vision

Bloktide pays special attention to regulatory issues. After all, it wants to forge a unified approach toward crypto and blockchain all around the globe. Babar Shabir, Bloktide’s Managing Partner, emphasized that blockchain’s advancement and Corporate Enterprise Solutions are the future. He acknowledged that the market has matured and that regulation is crucial for expansion. Moreover, to stay compliant the stakeholders and the development partners need global insights. Bloktide has the necessary expertise. It assists the stakeholders in planning the growth strategies that are future compliant.


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