Gemini Exchange Partners TradingView

The investors on TradingView can now buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin through the Gemini partnership.

Gemini Exchange majorly deals with crypto exchanges just integrated with the TradingView platform. Thus, helping the provision of real-time market insight to lots of traders daily.

Notably, this partnership introduces features such as screening tools, social features. As well as, watchlists to help customers implement their trading strategies better. It’ll also help create additional security while trading on the Gemini Exchange platform. So far, Gemini Exchange stands as the only crypto exchange platform that has integrated TradingView.

The head of Corporate Development, Marshall Beard spoke on the development. He said that the company stands true to improving the value customers get from the platform. He added that they plan to continually seek out more ways to enhance the trading experience. Thus, invariably taking the crypto industry forward.

How does it work?

The blog post also gave detailed step-by-step instructions on how the customers get to connect to their accounts and trade comfortably.

After accessing the trading chart with any of the Gemini supported crypto assets on the TradingView platform. Next, the user gets directed to select a trading panel tab located on the lower half of the screen. After the pop-up menu emerges, the next step involves clicking on the Gemini logo in order to connect to your account and get started.

Then it’ll direct to the Gemini login page where the user credentials become needed (for an existing account holder). If not, scrolling down on the pop-up page gives a new user the chance to sign up for a new account.

The final step involves getting access to all the crypto assets (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin) to trade directly on the TradingView platform.

About Gemini Exchange

Gemini claims to offer crypto products and tools for businesses and individuals to help them manage and increase their cryptocurrency holding. They also claim to help provide air-tight security that suits the customer.

The exchange reportedly holds the idea that to meet the future demands of money exchange, there’s the need to be a bridge the present-day money with that of the future. Accordingly, Gemini Exchange sees themselves as that bridge.

The exchange began operations in 2014 and they continue to thrive in creating that transition for the future of financial transactions. The four pillars of the Exchange are security, product, licensing, and compliance.

To remind, Gemini announced bold steps to provide robust coverage for cryptocurrencies in its custody by launching Nakamoto Limited. Also, Cryptocurrency data provider, CryptoCompare announced Gemini as the leading cryptocurrency exchange on its crypto exchange rankings.


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