In a recent blog post, High Performance Blockchain announced that it has entered into a partnership with where the platform will provide a series of courses designed by the founder and CEO, Xiaoming Wang, about “Blockchain Wallet iOS & Android Development Practice”.

Xiaoming Wang explained “Blockchain is one of the most popular concepts in 2019. Many courses are theory-oriented, and there are a few use cases that have been implemented. We hope that the courses will help more developers integrate into our MainNet and learn the blockchain technology in a comprehensive way through our project’s wallets.

This partnership will give HPB access to over 3 million users of Jikexueyuan, which includes 600,000 developers.

Jikexueyuan is the largest online education platform for Android development with many first-class and experienced lecturers in China. More than 2,500 IT technology courses are on It is also the only Chinese online IT education company selected in the project of Microsoft ventures accelerator.

HPB is a permissionless blockchain architecture developed and operated by the HPB Foundation. With a core team comprised of talents from high-powered multinationals such as Huawei, IBM, Inspur, Alibaba, UnionPay, ICBC, McKinsey and Deloitte, Founder and CEO Wang Xiaoming formally established the team in 2017 in Shanghai, China.

Due to the approach of combining hardware and software, HPB gained the attention of blockchain enthusiasts, IT professionals, and developers worldwide. Through immense fundraising done by the core team, HPB has grown to more than 50 professionals from top firms and universities with experiences ranging from top IT employees, investment bankers, consultants, and marketing specialists.


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