CMCC Exchange joins the Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Union. This way, it aims to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency.

The investment-oriented exchange says the partnership with Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Union supports its vision. Foremost, because the exchange wants to increase the adoption of Bitcoin and other blockchain platforms both in Hong Kong and abroad.

Previously, CMCC Exchange partnered with other globally reputed firms that foster the economic cooperation between East and West. For instance, the exchange collaborates with companies like BitFinex, Kraken, Omni, ePay, and BTC Traders.

It’s worth stating that the Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Union reportedly holds a strong reputation. Accordingly, the union boasts of a positive track record that includes establishing several law agencies, consultancies, and professional service companies. Also, the union provides advice to cryptocurrency investors. This applies to both local and international collaborators. Thus, increasing cryptocurrency adoption.

What do I need to know about CMCC Exchange?

The Hong Kong-based exchange commenced operations in 2019. It claims to be a major investor in the blockchain domain and is Asia’s first-ever Arbitrage firm.

Besides, the exchange says it helps users carry out seamless digital asset trading like peer-to-peer token-fiat and token-to-token trading at a global level. Its model also allows to generate revenue from varied prices across different nations of the world.

Notably, in less than a year, the exchange opened branches in Hong Kong, Asia, Canada, and North America. Also, it has a team of experts, who, according to the company, strive to develop and adopt potential solutions for the improvement of blockchain technology.

The exchange reportedly helps to boost liquidity assets. And reduce costs by facilitating outreach to multiple sources of finance.

To remind, the Cardano Foundation announced partnership with the Fintech Association of Hong Kong. The collaboration aims to tackle the challenges of blockchain adoption in the Fintech industry.


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