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Hypeking Justin Sun: TRON About to Partner With a ‘Tens of Billions USD Valuation’ Industry Giant

Justin Sun, also known as the ‘hypeking’, has hinted on Twitter that TRON is about to partner with a billion dollar company. The Tron Founder and CEO played a classic game of “guess the new industry partner worth billions of dollars”, most probably to create a new TRON hype and to increase the price of TRX.

Today, Justin Sun, CEO of decentralized internet startup TRON, has hinted at a potential partnership with an unknown firm valued at “tens of billions of dollars”. Justin Sun announced the possible partnership on Twitter.

The tweet, posted Friday, October 12, gives the following information:

The tweet led to a mass discussion amongst the big TRON community. Who could the mysterious industry partner be? For some reason, many opted for the e-commerce giant, Alibaba, despite their valuation being in the hundreds of billions (wishful thinking, perhaps). Other suggestions on Twitter were Amazon and FirstData.

Although a big part of the community loves the hype train that Justin Sun always tries to create, there is also criticism, and not only outside of the TRON community. One TRX enthusiast wrote:

Justin Sun has adopted many funny names within the crypto space, with most of the names containing the word “hype”. Justin Sun is well known for sending an enormous amount of tweets on a daily basis, mostly hinting towards potential partnerships. This is also one of the reasons why outside of the TRON community, a lot of crypto investors don’t take TRON seriously. Which, honestly, is too bad considering the fact that TRON is a very good project.

At the time of writing, TRON’s TRX cryptocurrency is ranked 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap and is trading at around $0.02278 per token, up 2.24 percent over the last 24 hours.


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