New Jersey has a bar that accepts cryptocurrency

You can now purchase drinks in the fourth most populous US state New Jersey with cryptocurrency.

In New Jersey, it’s possible to get hamm…pardon, drink responsibly and pay with crypto for it. This is according to a short video on Twitter by Litecoin Merchant Ambassador Jon Moore. In the tweet, Moore disclosed that Bitcoin and Litecoin have been confirmed for payments. The video showed Jon putting up Bitcoin and Litecoin stickers. The bar is on Elizabeth, and it is quite busy because it is close to the Newark international airport. The crypto payment option will be starting on Wed, October 2, 2019. Jon is inviting all Bitcoin and Litecoin enthusiasts to a crypto party on Wednesday night.

The tweet reads: “New spot Accepting #Bitcoin #Litecoin and a few other Cryptos in Elizabeth, NJ!! Stop by Terminal One Wednesday October 2nd for the Club crypto party!! They will also be getting a @CoinFlipATM soon!! So you can not only buy Cryptos here, but they also let you #PayWithLitecoin

The bar, Terminal One, will accept BTC and LTC, maybe other altcoins from customers later in the future. T1 bar, as it is popularly called, will also be getting a bitcoin ATM machine. In Jon’s words: “They are also getting a Bitcoin ATM from CoinFlip. This is an awesome spot for adoption. Really busy drag going on in Elizabeth. Right by Newark International Airport. It doesn’t get any better for adoption than this place.”

Crypto Adoption at its peak

Crypto adoption doesn’t get any better than this. It is one thing to send funds easily using crypto and another to be able to make daily purchases using cryptocurrency. The twitter community is excited about this new development.

Moore’s aim is to increase crypto adoption in high-traffic areas. This will enable people to spend Litecoin like fiat money. He is looking forward to a world where cryptocurrencies are the main medium of exchange. Completely eliminating the need for world travelers to exchange money.

He said:

“Look how busy it is here. This is an awesome, awesome sports bar[…]. Now, since they’re right by Newark International Airport, it’s going to be the ultimate spot if somebody needs to buy crypto. Maybe they’re leaving the country and they don’t want to convert into another currency. They want to convert into real money: Bitcoin or Litecoin.”

Last year, a bar in London BrewDog, dumped cash for bitcoin. In June this year, a Japanese bar tried out a lightning network for crypto payments.


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