Incognito Announces Exciting Partnership for TOMO Holders

Proof-of-stake powered platform, Incognito announced support for TomoChain.

This collaboration gives holders of TOMO the chance to send, receive, and store their tokens, using total privacy.

In a blog post, Incognito expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. It said that it will create a bridge between TomoChain and the Incognito side chain. Thus, allowing TOMO holders the option of enabling the incognito mode for their crypto whenever needed.

Founder of Incognito, Duy Huynh pointed out that TomoChain ranks high among the most exciting projects in this space today. Additionally, he applauded the team and community for their continuous strides toward developing and acquiring use cases for its technology. Duy Huynh believes with Incognito, TomoChain gets the added option of enabling privacy for TOMO, TRC20 tokens and dApps created on TomoChain.

To carry out private transactions, TOMO holders need to just send TOMO to the Incognito Wallet. Afterward, they get pTOMO (private TOMO) at a 1:1 ratio.

Besides, using the Incognito TRC20 bridge, there’s the option to swap back all pTOMO easily anytime. Feel free to find more information here.

pTOMO Giveaway

The proof-of-stake powered platform also revealed a giveaway, stating that the TOMO community gets its first pTOMOs for free.

The pTOMO entails added features that ensure users get to make confidential transactions (senders, receivers and amounts placed in total obscurity). This becomes possible through the zero-knowledge proofs. Importantly, the offer applies solely to the first 200 participants.

About Incognito and TomoChain

Incognito is a platform with a reputation for privacy tokens. It is powered by its attaches-of-stake sidechain. The sidechain attaches allows to confidentially transfer crypto assets.

Besides, developers get the freedom to easily create their privacy tokens on Incognito. Furthermore, the proof-of-stake powered platform claims to use zero-knowledge proofs optimized for mobile. It also purportedly achieves near-instant transaction speeds through state sharding. Concurrently, TomoChain claims to be an innovative solution to the scalability problem of Ethereum and other blockchain platforms.

Besides, TomoChain reportedly relies on a system of 150 Masternodes with Proof of Stake Voting (POSV) consensus that supports low transaction fees. As well as, a 2-second transaction confirmation times.

Furthermore, added features like security, stability and chain finality are reportedly assured through techniques like double validation, staking via smart-contracts, and true randomization processes.

To remind, last month, Neo announced a partnership with TomoChain. There’s an expectation that the partnership will leverage the strength of both parties and help build the crypto ecosystem.


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