IPFS Now Hosts Switcheo Exchange

Switcheo announced that it is now hosted on IPFS. This hosting is made possible through the partnership between Switcheo and Unstoppable Domains.

What hosting on IPFS means

IPFS refers to the InterPlanetary File System. It is aimed at addressing the current issues associated with the modern HTTP protocol and centralized client-servers. Bearing similarities with torrents, stored information on multiple nodes are shared by IPFS. This information removes certain constraints, like the shutting down of servers by centralized entities and the inability for particular users to access its services.

The hosting of Switcheo on IPFS shows that the exchange is now hosted on IPFS peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed file storage platform. According to a blog post by Switcheo, hosting its exchange on IPFS makes it “accessible to everyone in the world without any restrictions.” Furthermore, IPFS has the ability to operate with smart contracts and blockchain data.

Partnership with Unstoppable Domains

Based in San Francisco, Unstoppable Domains is known for building domains on blockchains. Backed by Draper Associates and Boost VC, the firm has also received grants from the Ethereum Foundation and Zilliqa Foundation. This shows the worth of the company in the blockchain space.

Switcheo has partnered with an Unstoppable domain in order to bring more adaptability and comfort to its users. The hosting of Switcheo on IPFS is made possible by their partnership with Unstoppable domains, which is known for building blockchain domains. Blockchain domains can either be used as a domain name for a decentralized website or as a customized wallet name for multiple cryptocurrencies.

Accessing the exchange on IPFS requires users to install the Unstoppable Domains Google Chrome extension or use the Opera app. Users can also visit Switcheo.Crypto. to swap tokens. Tokens that can be swapped are Ethereum, EOS, and NEO based tokens.

Free.crypto domain giveaway by Switcheo

Switcheo and Unstoppable Domains has also partnered to host a free crypto domain giveaway. The giveaway will run till Friday, May 1st. The giveaway was announced via a tweet on the official handle of the Switcheo Network.

Participation in the giveaway requires users to join their official Telegram channel. This will enable them to be added to a whitelist. After that, the user must message @unstoppabledomainsbot in order to get instructions on how they can claim their free domain.

Recently, Zilliqa blockchain announced a partnership with Switcheo, the first NEO-based Decentralized Exchange (DEX). It’ll also allow Ethereum and EOS trading on its platform.


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