Justin Sun is trying to be intriguing. Thus, he promises to launch “a secret project that creates multibillion benefits.”

TRON’s founder Justin Sun has announced a secret project related to BitTorrent and DLive.

In an announcement, which appeared on Justin Sun’s Twitter account, Tron’s founder said he will launch a secret project that will bring multibillion-dollar benefits to the TRX and BTT ecosystems. According to him, this project will help attract 100 million new users.

Sun did not disclose any further detail, promising to provide additional information very soon.

The news that the DLive streaming platform will join the BitTorrent ecosystem appeared at the end of December last year. Besides, in September 2019, it also became known that BitTorrent is launching a beta version of its streaming service.

Skillful DLive promotion

The DLive platform appeared in September 2018. Currently, it is proud to have around 3.5 million visits a month.

Its fast-growing popularity is the result of a successful partnership with a Swedish video blogger Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. He is YouTube’s most-watched internet celebrity. PewDiePie supported TRON, DLive, and BitTorrent, and even wore a TRON shirt in one of his episodes. Justin Sun commented on the partnership:

“Famous YouTuber PewDiePie has decided to live-stream his content on one Dapp from Tron’s ecosystem, DLive. Claiming that the platform takes less from creators and overall allows for more interactive experiences between fans and streamers.”

In one of his latest videos, PewDiePie invited his fans to join him at DLive. He also mentioned BitTorrent and TRON, admitting that TRON has “over 100M users.” Though, there is no clear proof of this statement.

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