Kakao Klaytn Now Has Eight New Blockchain Service Partners

Klaytn, a blockchain project platform, has announced the addition of eight new service partners to its platform.

These new partnerships mean that Klaytn has a total of 47 service partners. Only 17 of them revealed their blockchain offerings. Other partners will commence their services next year. According to Klaytn, the collaborations will help catalyze the global adoption of blockchain technology.

The latest partners include STARTnet, LITER, Monopoly, GoodMorning, LOON, Dkargo, Spl.yt, and TUNE Token.

For the uninitiated, Klaytn is a public blockchain platform that creates a friendly-user experience. It alleges that it is 15 times faster than Ethereum and enables users unfamiliar with blockchain to create real applications. Kakao is the company behind it.

Who are the new partners?

STARTnet is a commerce/art based platform and it aims to groom new artists to the betterment of the entire art industry. Besides, it stands for transparency and provides user-friendly services. It is operated by ARTWA.

Concurrently, LITER 0.8L is one of the biggest data-based social media platforms. It has over 600,000 existing users from all over the world.

Monopoly, on the other hand, deals with collectibles. It provides investment information to anyone looking to purchase jewelry, art, and wine and the likes of them.

LOON is mainly for women’s physiological health. Simply put, it is a blockchain-based health care service platform.

Other partners include Dkargo, a logistics company making use of blockchain and GoodMorning, data distribution and marketing platform.

Spl.yt, is also a blockchain-based e-commerce platform. 

Speaking on the partnership, CEO of Ground X, Jason Han, said: “Klaytn is partnering with successful firms that have developed and operated services accruing millions of users, and the collaboration will contribute to building a user-friendly blockchain service”.

And added that the company would all move the blockchain industry to the next level by “…focusing on creating meaningful real use-cases, which stands as the next key challenge in our industry.”


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