KIK Dead? Not Yet

It seems like the KIK Messenger is alive and kicking. It has purportedly found a mysterious buyer.

Just nearly a month ago the KIK Messenger announced it was closing after 9 years of successful work. But tables have turned, apparently.

Thus, Ted Livingston announced on Twitter: “Some exciting news: we may have found a home for Kik! We just signed an LOI with a great company. They want to buy the app, continue growing it for our millions of users, and take the Kin integration to the next level.”

The 15-million audience happily greeted the announcement. The users are eagerly guessing who may be the KIK’s new owner. Some suggest that the deal is linked to Yahoo.


After all, they launched three bots on the KIK platform in the past. Though, it seems that the shutdown (announced earlier) will still affect the company. Why? Because users are already discussing what alternatives they have found so far.

Bad times thanks to the SEC

KIK has not been doing too well recently. The main reason: the legal battle against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which has further undermined KIK’s business.

Thus, the SEC sued KIK for illegally placing $100 million in digital tokens. It also accused it of selling tokens to investors in the United States without registering their offer and sale in accordance with the US securities laws. As Altcoin Buzz advised earlier Ted Levingston’s promised to fight the SEC’s decision.

At the same time, the company has chosen to concentrate all efforts on the development of their token KIN: “We are all in on Kin. Going forward we will be singularly focused on one thing: converting millions of Kin users into millions of Kin buyers.”

But there’s a lot at stake and the company’s future greatly depends on the next court hearing scheduled for May 2020.


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