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According to CoinGecko, nowadays, the NFT sector has $46.2 billion in marketcap and is moving $3.9 billion in one day. That is one of the biggest levels of capitalization that this sector had in its short history. Many NFT initiatives had established alliances with huge companies like Adidas, Nike, NBA teams, Vodafone, Wikipedia, among others.

Those developments were represented only in collectibles, and since Axie Infinity, the NFT gaming niche has grown exponentially. However, decentralized content is one of the use cases that NFTs haven’t exploded yet and will do it soon.

Did you know that, shortly, Twitch streamers will be able to reward their audience with NFTs? Therefore, this initiative will generate more interaction between NFTs and content creation. Nevertheless, there are no scalable initiatives to match NFTs with content creation via a DAO structure.

To close that gap, Label Foundation has partnered with BGA (Blockchain Gaming Alliance) to tokenize entertainment-education content as NFTs, monetize it via a DAO voting system, and leverage scalable gaming projects as Gala Games, Sandbox, etc. As a result, in this article, you will discover more about this alliance, its latest IDO, and how you can get involved with this initiative.

More About the LABEL – BGA Partnership

LABEL is a blockchain-based incubator that supports investments, distribution, and promotion mechanisms to boost content production through a decentralized structure. On the other hand, BGA (blockchain Game Alliance) is a non-profit organization that promotes blockchain in the gaming sector.

Therefore, the copyright fee-sharing platform, in collaboration with the BGA community, has the opportunity to meet and strategically collaborate with over +200 of the world’s top blockchain-based projects to draw synergies in the process of cooperation.

Also, Hyungsoon Choi, CSO at LABEL Foundation, said: “We believe that by engaging into blockchain NFT communities, Label will open many doors to establish strategic partnerships along with the increasing brand awareness among blockchain market players.”

$LBL IDO on Red Kite – Sold Out 

The $LBL, IDO on Red Kite, finished in the blink of an eye where more than 30,000 persons participated in the launchpad, which executed more than 666,000 $LBL swaps with a price per token of 0.003 $BUSB / $LBL

Listed on PancakeSwap

On the other hand, the native BEP-20 token of the LABEL Foundation is $LBL which will be listed on PancakeSwap at 12 pm (UTC) on December 17th. Therefore, here is more information about the listing:

Liquidity Pair: $LBL/$BUSD

Initial Circulation Supply: 107,500,000 $LBL

Initial Market Capitalization: $322,500

Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 $LBL

Listing Price: $0.003 per $LBL

Finally, if you want to buy $LBL on PancakeSwap, follow this guide

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